Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Burgers "London Edition"

If you know me then you know Im still on my "gotta have the best burger in any state or country that I visit" so this time I visit the UK.

London is not a place where I normally get a chance to score a nice burger, it's normally the same Kebab spots (not a fan), or Mr. Jerk (which is the shit!). But this time during my stay I managed to have 3 different burgers, these were not my usual gourmet burgers but when your fiending you'll settle. First up was the bacon cheese burger that I had at the Jurys Inn Hotel restaurant when I first arrived and I have to say that it was a good burger, properly prepared, a good quality of beef and an excellent bun! It doesnt set any standards nor will it appear in my top 10 but it was worthy of a mention with out a doubt. (Sorry no pic. After a long flight who has time to take a pic of food!?)

The next burger was a doubt in my head but my man Tyrone who runs IBE and is the ambassador of the dutch hip hop scene and all around music conniseur told me about a spot when I was craving for a burger at 12am, so he introduced me to the Burger Van! Its a van that has been converted to serve hot burgers and fries and it set up right at the bus stop, plus he's open until 4am. So I oped for the 1/4lb burger but should have gotten the 1/2lb but wasn't paying attention. The burger was actually good, once again not the best but in the middle of the night who can complain, this was one of the best and most unusual late night experiences I've had at a burger spot. This sits right next to the "Dirty Burger" spot in Helsinki Finland that everyone eats after they leave the clubs at 4am.

My final burger for the weekend was Sunday night and of course everything closes early on Sundays except for the one lonely kebab spot. Here's another spot that Tyrone put me up on at 2am after we got back from the UK Champs event. Not a great burger but what really saved this was the fact that it was flamed broiled which gave it the nice grill lines plus a nice at home bbq grill taste plus the but was toasted! Word to Tyrone for making sure a brother from another mother didn't starve while I was on this trip!

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yeah skeme ....
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