Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Airlines revisited!

Im back from the UK and as always London has treated me well. I always enjoy flying Virgin Airlines into and from London's Heathrow Airport but this time there was something strangely different about my Virgin experience. Normally all of the flight attendants are beautiful tall model looking broads but this time there were average (but still appealing)and not what I was used to. Virgin has always been on the top of my list but there has been a major shift in the force! So I'm deducting 10 points because of the flight attendant issue, not because of the model status but because they all seemed to be a little angry and not as friendly as normal, it was just something the rubbed me the wrong way about it. The meals served on Virgin is still always on point, the steak is always tasty and well as the chicken but what I love most is the fact that they serve nice midnight snacks like ice cream bars and warm cookies so I'll be adding +5 points because of that. But where I always give Virgin their proper due is their inflight entertainment, they still have the largest selection of movies out of any other airlines plus their new releases are still hot off the cutting room floor which means why should I pay the $10 to see it in the theater when I know that I'm taking a Virgin flight in the near future! So I'm giving you +10 points for saving me some duckets in the long run! The flight home once again had the beautiful attendants though but still they need to be consistant!!

This months top 3 airlines for traveling across the waters.
1. Asiana (Voted top airline in 2009) and well deserved!
2. Korean Air (Right behind Asiana, with equally beautiful attendants!)
3. Virgin is running a close #3 with British Airways and US Airways International (im a gold member so they take care of me)

Nothing like an inflight beverage!

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