Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Some people might understand but others won't! Word to J-Zone who recently wrote a blog on his cassette tape collection and keeping it classic.

So here's what happened.

Most of you know about my Hot Peas and Butta party that I do and you also have seen the rare footage shown on the projector but most don't know that it's actually edited and put together using VHS VCR recorders. I have an insane collection of things on VHS that I'll transfer to DVD eventually but thats another topic. So I finished tape 1 of 2 that is to be used for the upcoming HPB that I'm doing with DJ Amir (Kon & Amir) for the Black Dynamite Original Soundtrack Release party on October 24th in Brooklyn. So after tape 1 is done I notice that there is an unlabeled tape laying on the floor so I put it in the deck to see what it is and then I remembered that it was a defective tape that I had and should have thrown out. Well its too late, because the fucker got stuck in the deck and I fucked up the VCR trying to get it out. I have 3 decks that I use and this was the best one, all are high end Sony decks that record stupid clear but I can't go without it. These decks have not been made in years and are hard to find, but finding a repair shop is even harder. So with one deck down and me scrambling I resorted to ebay which last year I noticed these decks all over the place, now that I need one I can't find the particular model that I'm looking for and plus the prices are sky high, I should have bought a backup when I saw them! After some research I find a few models that are comparable and better than the one I had so what do I do??? I buy 5 of them thats what the hell I did! Now I know people are looking at me like I'm crazy and maybe I am, or maybe I just don't wanna go thru this shit ever again! I called up my man Fredy Blast to tell him the deal and he thought I was crazy but this is the same cat that has a Sony Betamax in reserve for his Beta collection.

But the main purpose of this blog entry is that TV / VCR / Stereo repair shops used to be all over the place but now electronics are cheaply made that people just throw things out and buy new. I had two go to spots for repair but one closed down a few years back, the other is still going strong with the 80 year old man still doing repairs.

Damn I miss this spot!

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Sama said...

"so what do I do??? I buy 5 of them thats what the hell I did"

hahah classic. gotta love your craft first. that's what differentiates a job from a career from a calling