Saturday, October 3, 2009

Korea recap!

Damn it's so much that I need to write about my recent Incheon & Seoul Korea trip that its actually overwhelming. But in short lets just say that R16 was dope, Circle Prinz Korea was off the meat rack, the unscheduled club night that Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, DJ P-Trix, Dumbfounded and myself rocked called "Bunker" @ Times Square which is a club in the basement of a mall!! We arrived at like 12am to a packed house and at 1am I jumped on the tables and smashed it properly, after that I took mic control duties while DJ P-trix went thru a short and blazed them. From there I introduced Rakaa and Dumbfounded to the stage and they rocked it to the already frenzied crowd. Circle Prinz was amazing as always, I get so much love out in Korea its ridiculous. Hung out with so many people that Im starting to see alot more of these days, too many to name but you know who you are! These pics are just a few from the many that I need to sort thru so expect more in the following weeks. Sony Playstation / UK Champs next week in London, cant wait!

JohnJay and Charlie from R16 really took care of me on this trip. I had the ill room with all the trimmings and no expense spared!

My bed overlooked Incheon which is crazy because we were situated in a brand new city that was being built all around us. In 5 years this place is gonna be like Dubai!

There was like 25 buildings being put up at the same time in Incheon. (view from my bedroom)

Chillin w/ Ynot.

w/SUW (Japan)

w/ DJ Light(Japan)

w/ DJ Tee(Japan)

w/ Rakaa (Dilated Peoples)

w/ DJ P-Trix


Mikey McFly™ said...

Damn fam... you are the travelling man word to Mos Def and DJ Honda

Skeme Richards said...

Yes sir! But still, we need to get you out on the road as well.


Funk-Im said...

you got some cool pics, I actually met tony, Ynot not know who he is really. I was like wassup whats your name, he was like tony. lol.