Saturday, March 20, 2010

Conversations....with Dan and Han

The day after Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels.

DAN: Mr. Han, hello
HAN: Dan it's so good to see you again.
DAN: Yes, we really dropped a bomb on people with Hot Peas and Butta.

DAN: I don't think New York City was ready for last night.
HAN: No Dan they weren't. We totally shut the city down with the amount of smut and violence we put back on the streets. Almost as destructive as the blackout of 1977.
DAN: With assistance from Supreme La Rock, Cosmo Baker and Skeme Richards we really brought back an era that has long since gone.
HAN: But as always, we prevail!

DAN: We have branches in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Switzerland and soon the world!
HAN: World domination is what we're after, to let everyone know that 45's reign supreme and that we have the power to change the face of the earth!

HAN: 45's forever and Hot Peas and Butta is stronger than ever!
DAN: ahhh...In the immortal name of the Abbott, Budas name be praised!

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