Monday, March 29, 2010


Spent a good portion of the day going thru boxes of things that I've collected throughout the years and pulled out this goodie, one of my favorite mixers from years past. Before this my favs were another Gemini that had come out around 82/83 and a Numark mixer that I cant remember the model # of but I loved it because they had extremely short faders. This is when you had to be nice with the fader action, none of this "designed for scratching" mixers. These mixers had tight faders and if you wanted it a little loose you sprayed some WD40 in it. No curve for the faders, none of that hamster button shit, just all around had to be nice with it!


Bustopher Jonez said...

classic! yo we need to bring that out and rock on it at a night!

Skeme Richards said...

Just might have too, it'll scare anyone else to not wanna jump on and guest spin.