Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tribute to a grand era!

Hot Peas and Butta is back on it and bringing it home to New York City! March 19th we're doing a special Hot Peas and Butta which is technically our 2 year anniversary but that aside we're throwing the special Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels! This is a tribute party to the gritty era of Times Square 42nd Street theaters and all its heavenly glory, from the raunchy porn to the many chambers of Shaw Brothers films. We've got alot instore for you and to help keep things funky we're bringing in Seattles finest and worldwide crate king, Supreme La Rock!!


Daily Diggers said...

hot damn!

The 19th - that's my born day bro. I need to get a ticket to NYC....

It's gonna be a Supreme Skeme Show!

do ya like scratching...?


Skeme Richards said...

haha...Yo, then we'll make a toast to your born day at the party!