Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Conversations....with Jim and Bruce.

Bruce Lee: Jim!!
Jim Kelly: Bruce, how ya doin maaan?!
Bruce Lee: oh same ol'
Jim Kelly: I hear that bruh.

Jim: Hey, did you hear the news?
Bruce: Is Han on the loose again?
Jim: Naw, We're returning to 42nd street!
Bruce: Hot Peas and Butta?
Jim: Thats the mission!

Bruce: Funk 45's, Porn and alot of ass kickin'
Jim: Sounds like fun, just like old times!
Jim: So I'll catch you on March 19th
Bruce: I'll see you there!
Jim: Im heading back to the dojo to get ready.
Bruce: Tell Roper he still owes me.


Beat Detective said...


Skeme Richards said...

Yo thanks for giving it a read!

Bustopher Jonez said...

this reminds me of that scene in spaceballs: "no sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!" haha