Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dragon Still Lives

Today marks the anniversary and passing of the greatest to ever do it, Lee Jun-fan known to the world as Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 – July 20 1973). Bruce Lee's presence is still being felt worldwide in all shapes and forms but the one thing that does not sit well with me is the exploitation and how he has become the "cool" person that everyone who never mentioned him before now says that he inspired them and how everyone seems to quote lines from him now that true fans have quoted for 40+ years. Many people only know him for his movies while others go deeper and know him for much more including his philosophy, teachings, training, beliefs and more.

I am by far not the most complete fan of the dragon but have been a fan of him since the 70's and have collected a large amount of memorabilia since my childhood including books, magazines, posters, lobby cards, figures and more.

Below are a few of the rare magazines that I have collected and stashed away but there are about 4 more that I am still searching for to make the collection complete.

"There are major prophets and minor prophets, I believe that Bruce Lee is a major prophet" - The RZA (Wu Tang Clan)

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