Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seoul Recap

Finally back from my recent trip to Seoul Korea and as always I had a great time. The organizers of R16 have really stepped it up to the next level with the event and it was an honor to be involved again this year. While out there it was great to link up with a few of my friends that I haven't seen since my last trip to Seoul which was last September. Here's a few pics.

First order of business once I land is one of my favorite burger spots in Seoul, Kraze!

The R16 Press Conference was like going to a boxing press conf.

Wasabi Kit Kat

Never get out of bed again

With Photographer Chanyc

50 piece orchestra playing breaks was insane.

Which two don't belong in this pic?

Photoshoot with Maupzrock.com

Where am I off to next?

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