Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shirt Off My Back

One of the perks of traveling is of course getting alot of promo merchandise, t-shirts, kicks, music etc. Majority of the times most of those giveaways aren't worth packing in your luggage for the return flight home but every once in a while your handed that gem that you know will get put to good use. While in San Diego last week the homie Cros1 swung through and handed me a couple of T's but the one in particular that really caught my eye is the "Don't Bite" T. This one is gonna get mad burn from me especially today for the 34th Anniversary of Rock Steady Crew.

Cros1's company The Armory has a solid line of t-shirts and other wears so if your in San Diego stop by the store, if not then hit them up online to browse and purchase.

To all you break beat DJ's, get your own style!

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