Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rotterdam Diggin

While out in Rotterdam I got to do a little shopping for a some gems, I would say diggin but records wasn't my only hunt. In true Hot Peas and Butta fashion I was on the search for everything.

First order of business once I landed was to hit Demonfuzz Records for a few beats. They weren't open yet so the homie Tyrone made the call to tell them that I was in town and within 10 mins the alakazam, the doors were open. 4 Hours and a couple hundred euros later it was time to get back to the hotel and take a shower after the long 8 hour flight.

While there of course I saw a few other things that I needed to have one being this Super Action Man poster which I already have the identical US poster but it's called Black Shampoo. I knew this was just for display and was the owners personal piece but you know me everything has a price, one phone call and 5 minutes later the price was on the table.

While out on Saturday afternoon attending the Street Science festival which is an indoor event with vendors, art displays, stages with performers and more there was a comic shop connected to the side entrance so of course I had to hit them to see what they had. And of course it was filled with not only comics, but vintage movie posters and toys.

Saw this 1977 Star Wars insert poster that I had been trying to find for a decent price and there it was with a nice pricetag.

The store had only been open for a week but they had a nice selection of back issues and classic Savage Sword of Conan's, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu and MAD.

If I could've gotten this giant framed Christopher Lee piece (from the Hammer Horror Dracula Films) on the plane with me I definitely would have made them an offer for it.


venoms5 said...

I coulda bought and made off with a car load of those Savage Sword of Conan mags.

Skeme Richards said...

There so classic right!