Monday, October 24, 2011

Lee On My Leg, Adidas On My Feet.....

There's one sneaker that's been a constant in Hip Hop culture an that is the Superstar, Shelltoe or Shell top as we call it in Philly Adidas made famous by Run DMC. My first pair of these actually came before the world caught wind of Run DMC and were given to me by my cousin after he got tired of them but still were clean and fresh enough for me to rock, those still being my favorite colorway of today, money green.

To commemorate 25 years since Run DMC released their hit "My adidas", the company will be releasing a limited edition of the iconic Superstar 80s shoe. Now being a collector of many things you know I have to jump on these when they drop, not for sporting around the streets purposes but just to add to the collection of history.

*The thing I really like about these kicks art the actually used the original thin tongue, not the current puffy one they use now which I completely hate!


Daily Diggers said...

Puffy tongues are wack. I like that skinny tongue even if it does move over to one side. Always called 'em Shelltoes or simply "shells" over here.

Kid Dyno

Skeme Richards said...

Exactly! I can't stand the puffy tongues. Yes the skinny moves over but I'll deal with it and still are more official than the puffy!