Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Swinging London

This past weekend in London was crazy with back to back parties from the minute I landed. First, an early evening gathering at the New Era Store party with my mellow Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew, then the homie Cros1 and I jumped into a taxi across town so that I could spin at East Village for the relaunch of the Doctors Orders party On The Reel with DJ's Spindoctor, Mr. Thing, Chris P and the homie Prankster. I went in heavy on London's ass and beat the mess out of the tables, speakers and the amazing packed house of people. Sunday was all about the Champs afterparty at Plan B, another Doctors Orders Colabo with DJ's Crazy Legs, Cros1, Spin Doctor, Hooch and myself. Thank you for a great time London, see you again soon!

Plan B in Brixon

New Era Store w/ Cros 1 and Crazy Legs

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