Monday, July 23, 2012

A Vinyl University

While in Toyoma I had the pleasure of visiting a university which archives, catalogs and houses Japan's largest record collection which is nothing less than amazing!  The great thing about this university is that you can go in and research a particular record that your looking for, pull the record then go to one of these Darth Vader style listening stations then lose yourself in a sound odyssey.  The stations are equipped with high end turntables, no Technics 1200's here, hi fi speakers right by your ears and a control system down by your right hand.  It's an amazing experience to say the least, even though I've heard some of the records I've pulled a million times I've never heard them like this!


Unknown said...

My goodness this looks amazing, looking at a 200 record collection amazed me already, but a vinyl university with such access in quality might melt my mind!

Skeme Richards said...

Yes it was an amazing experience!