Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Service of Records

One of the highlights of being a DJ pre 2000's was being on the fortunate list of being serviced by labels and record pools and receiving their promo releases, future hits (and sometimes garbage).  With the internet age and labels spending less (and sometimes nothing) on sending promo material but focusing on sending you mp3 files it's always a great feeling when the Postman rings the bell to deliver a box full of goodies.  After being away for the last 3 weeks I came home to an assortment of those said items the first being one from Slice of Spice who has really been taking care of me with the gems.  I have to always give shouts and salutes to Mr. Smith for his hard work and dedication that he puts in on making sure that his label stands out from the pack, from the music to the presentation.

Everything from 7's to 10's to Flexi's was included in the package, now all I need is a free weekend alone to lock myself in the lab so that I can enjoy all this magical music!

Be sure to check out Slice of Spice for all the exclusives, special releases, classics, limited editions and more.


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