Monday, July 16, 2012

Osaka Soul (Japan Tour part 1)

Finally getting around to updating the blog with pics from my Magma Taishi  Returns / Hot Peas & Butta Japan Tour a week ago.  I'll have to make several entries since I took a ton of pics, did a lot of seeing, rocked a few parties and all around just enjoyed my time in Japan.

14hr Flights are not fun but hey, you read a little, sleep a little, watch a few movies and your at your destination before you know it.  (Sky Priority, it's just how we fly)

After arriving in Japan at 11pm I get greeted by my peoples Anijha and Sarasa the first thing on the menu was to hit one of my favorite spots The Room where the Champ Party was going on.   Champ is one of those parties that goes in heavy with the tunes, straight vinyl and keeping the floor rocking.   The first song I walk into was the DJ dropping an OG copy of the Willie Dynamite Soundtrack, gotta love Japan!

Late night stop at the best Ramen spot around then time to crash so that we can make the trek to Osaka via the Bullet train for the Hit The Spot! party.

Time for a ride on the Bullet train to Osaka to do some digging and rock Hit The Spot!

Great night spinning strictly Funk & Soul 45's with DJ's Taizo and Tanico.  

Also on the bill for the night was Taizo's band The Fabulous Vibrations.  And I'm gonna hip you to them know, they are the next big thing coming out of Japan.  Their sound is bold and amazing, the drummer is funky, the horn section screams, an all around complete package.

The place was packed by midnight and stayed rocking until 6am, such a great crowd for this All Nighter.

Definitely a perfect way to start off the tour, thank you Osaka!  Stay tuned for part 2.

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