Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Home of Anime (Japan Tour part 2)

It's always great when a promoter brings you in to do their party but it's equally as amazing when they understand you and the things you appreciate by taking you around to explore different sites.  Most promoters will take you diggin but Taizo stepped the game up by not only taking me to Osaka's finest dig spots but also by taking me to a place that he knew would eclipse almost anything on any trip, The Osamu Tezuka Museum which was a 40 minute drive away but well worth it!

Taizo knows that I'm a big Anime fan and that my appreciation for Japanese heroes and TV characters runs deep so visiting this museum definitely blew my mind.  The museum housed the very beginnings of Osamu Tezuka's legacy as the creator of Anime and characters such as Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), Kimba (which Disney stole for the Lion King), Magma Taishi and many others.  Held in this location are his original drawings, comics strips, sculpts and more artifacts from his long career, definitely a history lesson for those interested in the genre.


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