Friday, February 15, 2008

Classic Flyers

Its been a long time that I grabbed a flyer and was like damn, I definitly need to attend this event. Yes I'll get the occassional one where I would attend regardless of seeing the flyer or not but new flyers don't have the attraction like the classic ones. I've accumulated a nice collection of flyers from the vintage 80's paper flyers that you did at home and made mad photocopies of and then the dope early 90's New York parties which are some of the best events that I have ever gone to. There were mad spots that seem like they got lost in the shuffle and people don't really talk about anymore but these places had the ill DJ's, performances and all around classic Hip Hop vibe and feel. Some of the highlights for me was seeing Wu Tang Clan at The Muse...c'mon, the Muse??? Damn! Showbiz and AG doing "Soul Clap" and on the same bill was Organized Konfusion doing "Fudge Pudge" and Kris Kross doing "Jump". Or how about when our crew 2 Kannon performed at my favorite hangout "Homebase" with Common Sense doing "Take It EZ" while DJ Jazzy Joyce and Kid Capri rocked the 1's and 2's!! Its almost impossible to get shit jumpin off like this now but anyways here's a few joints.

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fredyblast said...

ahh i see u got the mecca inc 2kannon at homebase flyer