Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mission Statement - Anything Goes!

Ok, let me start out by saying that I was totally against doing a blog of any sort! I didn't want to take on anymore tasks in my already hectic life that would come in between me and being musically creative. Recently I've been hired / contracted to write for several sites and a new magazine so writing for my own site was a definite no no but alot of people seem to enjoy reading my views on various topics, rants and other interesting things (why? I don't know) but thanks! So when an independant company (that shall be nameless) asked me to write a blog about things that I was feeling or not feeling I told them why don't I just tell you what Im feeling / not feeling and you write the blog....there response was "Shut up, you write the blog and we'll write the check". Ok, done deal no need to ask twice. So here it is my own blog "Anything Goes". I guess I'll discuss anything of the moment which peeks my curiosity ranging from music, pop culture, toys, fashion, movies, art or fond nostalgic memories.

So be sure to check back on a weekly basis (when time permits) to read about whats on my mind.

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