Monday, February 4, 2008

Sneaker Collecting w/ Cormega

It seems that everyone is a collector of some sort these days, some do it because it is truly them, some to be in some sort of scene and others simply dont know why! Case in point the whole sneaker collecting explosion. You've got those that buy because its the limited / rare edition, those who buy just for the sake of saying that they have it and those that buy the straight up ugliest pair of shits which they'll never be able to wear!

A few years back I had the honor of entertaining one of the illest MC's, Cormega at my home to conduct an interview for our radio show, "The Formula" w/ The Science Patrol ( / Sundays 1pm-3pm est) that I do with my partners in crime Fredy Blast and DJ Primetime. While at my home we talked about various topics ranging from the status of the music industry, beefs, sneaker collecting, my extensive toy collection (which by the way Im still waiting to make the trade for that Rock'em Sock'em Robots for a pair of kicks he has!) and other things. Here's a snippt of the interview and his take on sneaker collectors.....Say word!

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