Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Overusage of Colaborations

Is it me or are there more colaborations between companies that don't have any connection whatsoever to each other? Everything is footwear company x dog biscuit maker getting together to make the edible sneaker thats shaped like a dog bone?? When did this whole "urban street fashion" thing become the cool thing? Heads that were apart of this scene always rock'd the ill shit, now it seems as though "everything" and "everybody" is cool. Growing up in Philly in the 70's, 80's and 90's we were always about rockin the fresh footwear (Puma Clydes, Shelltoes, Top Tens, Concords, etc) I remember going to The Balcony which was the spot where you cop'd name belts, tshirts with the iron on lettering, Devil jeans, french cut slacks and other gear that you put together to fit your own style. No two people looked identical, even if they sported the same style outfits they rocked them totally different. I remember my cousin put me up on (which sounds wack now, but was dope in the 80's) taking the Lacoste emblem and glueing it to the outer left or right rear side sole of your Shelltoe adidas. The first time cats saw this it was like "oh shit, thats fresh"! But that was one person being totally unique and different from the next, so what happened to that individuality?

The Ecko Stretch & Bobbito shirt is one of my favorites.

Some of my favorite pieces of yesteryear that I didn't see everyone walking down the streets of Philly with. All these designs were as Mr. Williams aka Jim Kelly would say are "Simple, but effecitve!"

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means said...

I feel you, man. I know mad kids who're just riding the hype thinking that they're somehow "breaking the mold" when in reality their hundreds T Shirts, Kanye vent shades and bandannas that somehow always find a place around their necks are just painting them look like toys and making the wrong people rich....but, whatever. Do you, I guess.

Keep writing, I'm reading.