Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coffee Table Status....."Sneaker Lover"

I remember a few years back watching an episode of MTV Cribs with Moby and they were at his residence, he made the statement that he's watched the show and nobody seems to have any books and I agree with you 100%. In todays age of reading and getting your info online people don't take the time out to stop at the news stand or book store to grab some reading material, not me though! The first thing you'll peep when you walk into my house is the ill selection of reading material on the coffee table, nothing too fancy though, just a few choice magazines and an occasional hardback piece on something of interests. So this months "coffee table status" goes to this dope little limited edition book that I cop'd called "Sneaker Lover" by Kiks Tyo that features photography by Yonehara Yasumasa. The book is all about sneakers and miniumally dressed women. Not many words but damn good pictures, definitly worthy of coffee table status for a month or so!

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