Friday, November 25, 2011

The Box of World Travels

If it's one thing that I really like is design and packaging on items, and a boxset done right can really be a make or break for me. I'm not a designer but Hot Peas and Butta visual artist The Elroy Jenkins is and I've picked up alot of his attention to detail when it comes to designing. It's not always about being functional for me, but sometimes it's about the interests and just being cool in its own way.

I guess this example is the equivalent of people buying refrigerator magnets.

Before the days of ‘Your name on a grain of rice” and ‘I heart…’ t-shirts, travellers collected souvenir labels. Attached to your oversized hard luggage, everyone knew where you’d spent your summers, meaning you didn’t even have to brag about it to your fellow passengers. Louis Vuitton’s nephew Gaston-Louis collected over 3,000 of them before his death in 1970. The company has recreated some prize examples for this boxset of 30 postcards, see more at LV.

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