Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Dying Art - The Swordsmith

I recently had a conversation with someone about dying crafts and the people who carried them out, such as Watchmakers, Shoe repairers and even Suitmakers but I never thought about the Swordsmith. In this day and age I'm sure most are made by machine but there's nothing like getting it made by a human to give you that flawless yet flawed feel. I wish the youth would learn from these guys and carry on tradition.

One of Japan's last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword.

Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker from Etsy on Vimeo.


Michael Beon said...

thats crazy man... and yeah dude , there are tons of things lost on the youth

Sama said...

wow - thanks for that skeme. i like how even this master doesn't claim that he's made the legendary Koto sword but that he's only JUST been able to make a few that sort of resemble it. that's more than humility - it's understanding that the craft is never ending.

Skeme Richards said...

@Sama, exactly! Although he's a master he still hasn't mastered the Koto sword. There's always something out there to be obtained yet people claim to be the master of it all. #Humble