Thursday, November 10, 2011

Within Darkness Hides "DOOM"

When it comes to exclusives you know I'm all about it, there's nothing better than having that something special that very few others can posses. We'll here it is!

This four poster collection designed by Mars Five was created to assist in a tribute (DOOMSTRAVAGANZA) to the illest villian: MF DOOM. Hand drawn and digitally colored, the 4 one of a kind posters were raffled off for free to pay homage to the music DOOM and friends have consistantly and classically served up over the years.

DOOMSTRAVAGANZA (a proclaimed annual event) took place this year on Wednesday, October 40th (November 9th) with Deejay Ambush at the helm and R&B group L&S debuting their mixtape DOOM for Dummies which featured the duo's vocals set to well known MF DOOM soundscapes.

Originally thought to have been an 4 part series only, it's been announced there is a fifth one of a kind and unseen mystery poster being auctioned on Ebay.

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