Monday, February 6, 2012

The Postman Rings Twice For "Nice"

Nothing like checking the morning mail and finding new music in the form of 7" that your excited to play out at your next gig.

Looks like the homie Paul Nice is back with another Sure Shot and that's literally speaking considering that his labels name is Sure Shot! This go around Paul remixes the Rhymefest featuring Kanye West track "Brand New" which I've always liked but this new take on it is gonna cause me to put it back into regular rotation when I'm spinning out.

The B side features the instrumental track which is great, you can really tell how crafty Paul went into detail with the 80's R&B feel, nice drums, nice bass, nice bounce, a winner in my book.

This exclusive red vinyl 7" is limited to only 300 copies and signed by Paul Nice. Get your copy now before it's gone!

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