Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bond Covered

I've always been a fan of and bought issues of GQ Magazine probably since the late 80's, but I've been more a fan of British GQ so much better.  Yes the quality of print is better, yes the articles are much better and yes there is typically more content going on but for first look alone, the covers are always much better.  But when it comes to the James Bond series I've been hooked on these films since first being introduced to them in the 70's by my uncle who got me hooked on classic film at an early age.

Looks like this upcoming issue will be released right on time as I'm heading to London next week so I'll be sure to grab one strictly for collectors status.  British GQ will honor the Bond series by giving each of it's lead gents their on covers.

We all know Connery is still the #1 Bond of all time.

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