Friday, October 26, 2012

Vintage Memorabilia

I wouldn't call myself a major sports fan although I have a few pieces of memorabilia from the 70's including signed an framed jersey's, original photography direct from Dr. J's personal photographers collection and other pieces.  But I might need to add a few more to the collection before I'm done since hearing about this new RareInk NBA arts prints series.  I'm only interested in classic pieces, none of this 90s-2000's stuff.

RareInk, official art partner of the NBA, recently launched a 100-piece collection featuring the top players, teams, and moments from the history of the Association. RareInk aims to provide fans for the first time with accessible, modern sports art for their homes and offices. The collection features original works from artists around the world including Dragon76, Alexis Marcou, Tes One, Kxx, Gabz and Mark Sgarbossa. Each piece is hand-numbered and available as limited edition fine art prints and stretched canvases with editions ranging from 100 to 250. NBA fans can help determine future art pieces by voting for players and moments in RareInk’s monthly art polls. Visit to view the entire collection.

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