Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Byron Burger

I'm still burger questing all over the globe in search of the finest beef cows have to offer and this past weekend took me to London for the UK Bboy Championships at Brixton Academy.  I had an evening of down time so my man DJ Hooch took Crazy Legs and myself to an incredible spot called Byron Burger which he swears by.  I have to say that this is probably in my top 5 all time favorite burgers that I've tried.  I normally order my burgers medium well but the chef assures that he prepares them medium which will be perfect to my liking and I have to say he was 100% correct!  I've never had a good burger in London but this proved it actually exists, the quality of beef and texture was incredible, the bun was top notch and didn't fall apart and there was zero grease.  Add fries and a cold Byron Pale Ale (there signature beer) and it's a perfect combo.

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