Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hot Peas & Butta In Print

Day 1 at New York Comic Con seemed to be a really good one what I hear back from Elroy Jenkins and the rest of the gang working at the Hot Peas & Butta Booth.  We've rolled out a few new pieces for the people including issue #2 of the Kodoja comic with an exclusive cover only available for NYCC, exclusive prints and art from Rory Smith and the first in print Hot Peas & Butta comic book which I'm really excited about.

Other things on hand is a new 19 inch sculpt by Rory Smith of the Kodoja monster from the comic series, issue #1 of Kodoja, the Big Pimp Jones 45 / CD for Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown and more.  So stop by booth #3143 if your at comic con to check out the goods.

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Sama said...

yoo i didn't know about the HPB comic release. how can i get my hands on that?