Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hmmm... Whats that?

Still in Seattle! While driving to the venue yesterday afternoon to do soundcheck I look out the driverside window and what do I see? A record store and it happens to be only 2 blocks from the venue so immediately I have Rick stop the car, let me out and I'll do soundcheck after I dig then walk back to the venue. Its been a good weekend of diggin in Seatown so far, tomorrow I'll hit one more spot and theres also a record show as well.

This spot was kind of dope because it reminded me on the place me and Fredy Blast used to hit on a regular, it had mad records, VHS tapes and other nostalgia items.


Mikey McFly™ said...

Man.. I really, really need to start travelling with the camera to other cities... I've seen all I could here in Philly

Skeme Richards said...

Yeah once you've seen Philly its a wrap. Nothing new pops up to capture your attention.

Mikey McFly™ said...

Word... you man... if you EVER need a camera man I'm there all I need is an ample supply of juice and chicken and I'm good