Friday, September 18, 2009

Updates, finally!

Finally getting around to doing some updates on the blog. Things have been crazy over the last month with travels to Helsinki Finland, Las Vegas, Arizona, Amsterdam, now Im in Seattle until Sunday then off to Seoul Korea on Tuesday! So I've updated with a few pics but still have plenty more layiing around that I need to upload but this should hold you guys over until I get a chance to do that. Also, I'll be back at my Friday residency in Philly at The Walnut Room in 2 weeks (Oct 2nd). I haven't been there in over a month so Im really missing it!

Also, Hot Peas and Butta finally returns October 24th in Brooklyn NY!!! Catch DJ Amir (of Kon and Amir) and myself as we drop those funky 45 gems on you!!! I'll post the flyer up as soon as its completed.

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