Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off to Las Vegas!

Ok, so I woke up bright and early for my late morning flight to Las Vegas once checked in I do my usual routine of heading to Chick fil a for my chicken with a side of chicken! Thats a #1 Combo and a seperate side of 12 piece nuggets, nothing like this to start the travels of right!

After eating and charging up the phone its time to board the plane, gotta love when promotors book you in First Class!

Now here is where the situation gets a little crazy. The doors are closed and we're on the runway ready for takeoff and I hear the flight attendants talking about a crazy lady in the back who says that everyone on the plane has been stalking and following her throughout the airport, she gets real fidgity and moves from seat to seat. Well you can only imagine what happens next, the plane goes back to the gate and kicks the lady off! Nothing like starting your trip off with madness. Now we're back on the runway, we were in first position to take off now where in like 20th, glad I dont have any connecting flights.

I dont usually drink first thing in the morning but what the hell, I'll take a vodka and oj before we take off. Once airborne the flight attendant serves the meal, todays offering is an asian salad w/ chicken or the grilled chicken sandwich with pasta salad. I'll take the grilled chicken with provolone sandwich.....Damn, didn't I just have chicken?? Two vodka on oj's to wash it down and a nice warm brownie for dessert.

Gotta have the proper reading material for your flight, the newest issue of Esquire Magazine (British Edition) which happens to be the Suit Issue with Tarantino on the cover, this man is a genius! I also read a good article / interview with designer Paul Smith which has influenced me to do my next set of interviews for my blog on

Another thing I can never leave home without is my media player, gotta get my daily viewing of Magma Taishi, Kung Fu flix, 60's/70's Japanese gangster flix and Anime in while on long flights.

Finally made it to Vegas and damn is it a HOT 103 Degrees!! No time to sleep though, haven't been here in about 4 years so I'm gonna get it in!

Private party tonight on some jiggy shit but I'll smash it anyway then tomorrow its the real reason that Im here, The Get Back!!

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