Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Gallery

My goal in the not so near future is to have the walls of my home filled with some of the best pieces of rare and not so rare blaxploitation, Kung fu, and other cult cinema posters around. My newest piece is a Coffy but not the standard 27x41, this is an amazing 40x60 which is really hard to find. I've still got a grip of joints to frame up which is gonna take alot of time and money but slowely it'll be all set the way I want it.


Jay Perfect said...

word up!!

Really diggin on the foreign release posters.
That Cleo Jones one you got is illy!
I won myself a 36 Chambers poster signed by the man himself Gordon Liu at a screening about 5 years back...just beggin to be framed up

will be tickin that shit off the list once i get a spot to put it up in.

Mad Fresh!

blax said...

I need to come to Philly to check the collection. That Coffy poster is the tits, dude!


Skeme Richards said...

I would definitely love to get my 36th Chambers poster sight by Gordon Liu, that would be the iceing on the cake!

Blax, anytime cousin. You know Philly is only a hop skip and a jump away. The blaxploition collection is ok, but the the kung fu flix collection is my forte!