Sunday, September 27, 2009

Times Square in Seoul Korea

Last night in Seoul Korea was bananas. There's this brand new multi story mall that just opened up and deep below it is a warehouse that hasn't been converted to used space yet so a promotor got a bright idea to throw a one-off party there?! So last night was the Times Square Bunker Party at this spot and damn was this a crazy looking spot too, definitely something out of a movie. The lights and big digital display board behind the dj stage couches and comfy chars and im sure by now its completely empty like the night never happened. There was also a cardboard hallway that led to another lounge area with DJ's, bar etc.

So Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), DJ P-Trix, Dumbfounded and myself arrive around 12am and the party is rocking so after a few bottles are downed its time for business. I open the night and instantly go in on 'em dropping classics, hitting them with party joints, basically just banging them in the head and had them going crazy! After my set its time for P-Trix to come out and do his thing while I'm on mic control for his segment, he's dropping reggae joints then going into some classic West Coast hip hop shit and then all across the board and of course they went ape shit! From there I introduce the man who needs no introduction, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples with special assistance from Dumbfounded. Rakka went thru a few classic Dilated Joints, something new from his upcoming solo album (which is bananas) then Dumbfounded went thru a few joints from his upcoming project. A long as Vodka and OJ night but well worth it to have the opportunity to rock the people of Seoul.


jude said...

hey ... just wanna check out if you guys are selling the "Real bboys dance with girls" tee? hope to hook on a few!!! holla!


Skeme Richards said...

Actually in the process of doing a new run of those shirts shortly so I'll keep you posted.

Jude said...

That will be dope man!
god bless!

Matthew said...

Hey I was wondering if you know anything about any open mic nights in South Korea. I've seen a lot of people playing at Itewon but I don't know how to go about getting in on it. I've been playing guitar for about 12 years and played on stage throughout college. If you know anything please hit me up!