Friday, April 11, 2008

"The $2 Soul Show!" 1 Year Anniversary

For those who don't know about my podcast "The $2 Soul Show" you need to check it out! The 1 Year Anniversary show is now up so tune in, feel the vibe, hear some ill funk, soul, breaks, rare groove joints and zone out! Thank you to everyone that has supported over the last 12 months!

Be on the lookout for my new podcast, "The $2 FLOW Show". Sponsored by streetwear brand, FLOW! ( coming soon!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Now thats a tasty burger!

Aight so you know the deal with the quest to find the best burger spots in all 50 states that myself and Ynot are on right? If not, then go back and read the previous blog because this is important info that you need to know! I don't usually trust peoples tastes when it comes down to fashion, music or food but Ynot is a conniseur of sorts so I'll take his word on this one. This past week while I was in Urbana, Il (the place where the whole burger quest started), he was in sunny Hawaii having whatelse? A tasty "Mango BBQ Bacon burger"....mmmmm, burger.

Forever live, rockin that 2one5!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to spin the Spring / Summer release party for one of the freshest brands around, 2one5! These cats are definitly serious when it comes to there craft and it shows with their product. The party was bananas and if you missed it you missed it, but you need to check these guys out! Its funny that I'm writing this now because I just picked the new issue of Antenna magazine and there is the 2one5 sprayer tshirt on page 104. For me though, the new black on black 2one5 "Bandit" hoodie is me all day every day!

P.S. Bring back the yellow "Bandit" tshirt back just for me!!!

Check these guys out.

Coffee Table Status

Ok, its been a minute since my last update of "Coffee Table Status" but this book has been well worth the wait, especially if your a fan of the Japanese vinyl toy collecting culture. Now Im not a diehard but there are a few really dope 70's pieces that I'm on the hunt for and this book documents every item with pictures and info, plus has interviews with some of the biggest collectors in the game. Not only is this book filled with mad info but the sh*t comes in this ill case almost like a dvd boxset.

*Product Description
The term mook has long been used to describe printed material that is neither a book, nor a magazine, but the ultimate fusion of the two. Super 7 has elevated this form to the highest possible pinnacle with the new redesign of their magazine as a deluxe twice a year release. Elegant to the extreme in a slip cased black and silver Flexi-bound, this beautifully designed and immaculately photographed title is a museum quality catalogue for collectors, aficionados or self proclaimed toy geeks . Super 7 International Toy Pirates takes you on a nostalgic journey to the endless days of youth and summers spent watching Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan battle for world supremacy. Contains features and interviews of the quality we have come to expect from the editors of Super 7.