Monday, September 29, 2008

LinnDrum II...Ok, I see how how its going down!

Ok, I know most of you producer cats dont even know about the original LinnDrum, nor Roger Linn nor the history he has! So do your homework on this shit!

via Roger Linn Design
September 20, 2008:
I’m sorry to report that we won’t be shipping in 2008 and I can’t yet offer a new estimated ship date. The good news is that it’s turned into a significantly more powerful and creative product. The bad news is that we’d prefer not to release details of the new design because it’s so cool that I don’t want to show our cards to the competition. However, I do want to thank all those who wrote in with suggestions because this interactive design process has very much helped to change what we thought the product originally should be into what we now know you really want. So please hold your questions while we’re hard at work on it, and I’ll be periodically updating this page as we release new information. If you’d like to be notified when we update this page with something significant, please click here to join our LinnDrum II email list.

On the set of Rza's new Kung fu flick.

This is why I love this dude, he sticks to the script! Plus he's got the cats that were actually apart of the Shaw Brothers legacy to be involved, thats how you know its being done right!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Damn I love Europe!

Damn I love jet settin' to Europe to do what I do! October is looking real fresh with European dates for the whole month, from the UK to Norway out to Switzerland and few points in between but first up my 4 day trip to the UK starting with....

The Doctor’s Orders present the only official

Friday 10th October 2008
@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY
(Brixton Tube / Victoria Line)

£3 Before 11pm / £5 before midnight / £8 after

James Pants (Stones Throw)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
Skeme Richards (Rock Steady Crew / Philadelphia)
DJ Timber (Zulu Kingz)

To mark the start of the busiest and most exciting week ends in British Hip-Hop London’s premier party providers are heading south to host the only official B-Boy Champs’ warm up party! With an incredible line up of US and UK talent, including two of the Champ’s DJs, playing everything from the finest in party Hip-Hop, B-Boy breaks through to Disco and classic Soul there will no hiding place on the dance-floor as the UK’s finest B-Boys and the dedicated Doctor’s Orders crowd get down to the sounds of….

JAMES PANTS is the freshest thing to come out of the legendary Stones Throw label and with a roster that includes Madlib, Quasimoto & Guilty Simpson to name a few that is really saying something. With his production sound incorporating everything from 80’s Boogie & Electro to New Wave Punk & Disco it is his Soul & Hip-Hop side that will be coming to the fore tonight as he blesses us with an exclusive London DJ set!

SPIN DOCTOR is a favourite down at Plan B and pretty much everywhere he plays as there is no way you can not be having a good time when he is on the set. His party rocking sets of Hip-Hop in its broadest sense are not for the feint hearted and with this being a B-Boy special there are sure be to more than a few surprises in this set.

SKEME RICHARDS has literally learnt from the best. Running a night alongside turntable legend DJ Cash Money and hailing from Philly the home of Jazzy Jeff, The Roots & Gill Scott to name a few has been as fine an education as any DJ could ask for. As a member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew he has played a variety of events all over the world from B-Boy battles to fashion shows and has rocked every last one!

DJ TIMBER having grown in Belfast he has established himself as one of the world finest B-Boy DJs playing events in all corners of the globe. He will be treating us to a rare party set that will be as high energy as Red Bull on speed!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Absolut Vodka LA Party

Its been a pretty productive week, finished scheduling a few gigs and road trips enjoyed a beautiful Wednesday afternoon with a who's who of Philly's Finest DJ's at the 1st Annual Philly DJ Day event, then that evening spun the afterparty alongside my man Statik from Illvibe Collective. Last night I spun the Absolut Vodka LA Party which was bananas, alot of sexy people in attendance so I had to get a little dapper while rockin the 1's and 2's. Shouts to Ivy Channel which was the band that performed at the event, be on the lookout for them!

1st Annual Philly DJ Day

Today was an amazing day in Philly DJ History, this date marks the 1st Annual Philly DJ Day where every dj from the past and present were in attendance to recreate a similar photo in the essence of "A Great Day In Harlem". People tend to forget that Philly's finest changed the game and how influential this city is. Everyone from Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and DJ Miz (all 3 won back to back New Music Seminar DJ titles) to DJ Drama, Tat Money and even the cities Mayor, Michael Nutter who was once a Philly DJ as well showed their support for this event. Remember, the reason why each and every Dj turns their tables sideways is because of a Philly DJ, Cash Money! Thats where it all started!

Jazzy Jeff & Cash Money. The two DJ's that changed and influenced every DJ before and after them.

w/ Cash Money and Grand Wizard Rasheen (The man who taught the two dj's that changed and influenced every dj before and after them)

Illvibe Collective, Mike Nyce, Junior, The Record Player (Philly's Finest)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tarantino's Mind

Some people might get it, and it'll probably fly over alot of other peoples heads.

A film buff tells a friend that he's finally broken "the code" - the mystery behind the character & story threads that bleed from one Quentin Tarantino movie or screenplay into the next. His friend is less than impressed. Starring Seu Jorge (The Life Aquatic) and Selton Mello (Tarja Preta). A short film by Brazilian directing duo 300ml.

Monday, September 22, 2008

When did "geek" become "sheek"???

Im really trying to figure this one out! The nerd kids always got picked on in school or in the neighborhood, they were always into their own thing and didn't bother anyone. I was never a nerd nor a geek, I might have been "geeked" about something that I might have been into but I was still the flyest cat you knew! I've had a computer since the Commodore 64 days, I've always read and collected comics, always been into different tv shows and movies and was always on some different sh*t then the next. But it now seems that those people that were truely into what they loved has been eclipsed by those that used to pick on or those who are trying to be "hip" and "savy". More now than ever it seems like people are trying to tell you about something "cool" that you already was up on years ago. I love technology but it seems all the so called cool people have their iphones and try to look really cool with it. I was at the airport this past weekend and this guy was looking at his iphone and he had folders that said things like notes, grocery list, people I owe money to....hahaha a folder that says "people I owe money to"??? Pay your debts and stop standing in lines buying iphones you ass! I dont really know where Im going with this post because there is so much that could relate to this topic but Im sure most of you guys and gals understand what Im talking about right? RZA is deep into his kung fu flix, does that make him a nerd or a geek? No, what about Quentin Tarrantino? He's deep into the kung fu, blaxploitation and film making in general. You can hear when they talk about it how passionate they are about but are they nerds or geeks? "Geeked" about it but not geeks! All you other people that decide to dig up on something just because its the cool thing now, your the fucking geeks, trendy fucking geeks!

Top 5 Trendy shit in my book! (Not In order)

1. The iphone - I hate seeing your 70 year old grandparent using it!
2. Starbucks - Need I say more?
3. DJ's / Producers - Need I say more?
4. Record Collectors - Not the people that really love the music, but the bedroom kids that sit on ebay all day and buy shit because so and so sampled it and then brag about their collection. Then when they see you in the stores shopping their like "yo you know whats on that record? so and so sampled so and so.
5. Anyone he gets into something and then drops it when the next thing comes along!

So to all the nerds and the geeks of the world now is your time to laugh at all those jocks, cool kids, and heffers that used to shit on you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pam Anderson, Girl on the loose.

Thought this was an ill ad on the side of a building in NYC.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Record Cabinet by Atocha Design

If you are a record collector, your significant other is a very special person. They are able to take and accept your love of 180gram vinyl and the reality that it will be part of the family - always there and sounding damn good. For years, the solution to your partner's acceptance of your vinyl was to store it in either a backroom, basement, or in the living room using the IKEA Expedit shelving system.

The good people at Atocha Design raise the bar in vinyl storage with their "The Record Cabinet." Finished in American Walnut and fashioned in the form of a bureau, this cabinet not only stores 95 LPs per drawers and can be congifured on demands to hold CDs as well as 7inch vinyl (my preference). The price does not come low though, but then would you expect it to with this beautiful piece of furniture? Its pushing 12,500$US easily but he/she will love you for it. (via gearcrave)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guy Ritchie "Rock n Rolla"

Shouts to my man Lancealot, didnt even know Guy Ritchie was putting out a new flick. Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels are both the shit. Definitly the Tarrantino from across the pond.

Oct. 31st

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dope interview with Mez from Mezco Toyz

For toy-enthusiasts, the urban vinyl and toy movement spawned in the latter half of the 1990s has presented itself as an interesting medium as the ability to work in 3-D has produced many interesting products. Whether it be the surreal or a tribute to living legends, the toy-market allows one to easily jump in and embody a concept beyond their normal means. The revival of NHTVSN’s video features begins with an interview with New York based toy-maker Mez of Mezco Toyz regarding how toys have integrated into his life and how some of his biggest and most well-received works were produced. For any toy-fans, NHTVSN has done a great job highlighting one of the industry’s best.

NHTVSN Episode 2 Part 1 from NHTVSN on Vimeo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last night in Chinatown, NYC!

Ok so last night while in New York doing a gig me and my peeps bounced to Chinatown to grab a bite at Wo Hop (the place that Bruce Lee used to eat at when he came to NYC)and hit one of its best kept secrets at 1am, the Chinatown arcade! Yes, an official hole in the wall dark, loud and packed arcade to peep the new Street Fighter IV game. Wow! is all I can really say, I was never really a diehard fan of the game like others but that shit is bananas! The graphics, sound and game play is crazy. The Chinatown arcade is one of the only few spots in the USA that has the new machine. My peeps are official kings at this shit, so anyone want to place some wagers? Your squad against mine??

AROFOS x Bounty Hunter “Cap’n Bounch”

For all my vinyl figure collectors, grab it before its gone! Which means $$$$

Seeing a well-documented release last year with two versions of the Cap’n Bounch (Bounty Hunter version in black and SiLLY THING version in red), the Cap’n returns once again for a team-up with Taiwan’s AROFOS as the store celebrates its 2nd anniversary and the debut of AES. A traditional Japanese blue was chosen as the predominate color by Bounty Hunter founder Hikaru as it represents a color associated with highly respected individuals in the past. A release date is set for early October exclusively at AROFOS.

1F., No.192, Liouhe 2nd Rd.
Cianjin District, Kaohsiung City
801,Taiwan (R.O.C.)
p: 07.241.8370

AJ Fosik's "Stiff Meat" Exhibit

Dudes work is amazing,good to see theres still some creativity coming out of the 215!

Philly-based sculptor AJ FOSIK has unleashed his trademark of fractalized wooden animals upon the art frogs of Paris with the debut of his “Stiff Meat” exhibition at GALLERY L.J. BEAUBOURG this month.

James Bond x Coke Zero

Let the hype begin!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Quantum of Solace Trailer (B)

Its about to be on! The 2nd trailer from the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I think Im going to pull an all nighter starting around midnight and watch all of the Sean Connery Bond films.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mark my words....

Jump on this when its released! Hot Toys is making this Asia Exclusive Bank Robber Edition Joker 12" figure.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sukiyaki Western Django

I've been up on this flick for a while now and cop'd the dvd a few months back but the film is actually being released in the states. Quentin Tarrantino makes a cameo so you know what its hittin for. Its a Japanese western flick.

Highly Recommended!

The true definition of on the rocks....

Nordic Rock is mined from ancient Swedish pollution-free base rock. It is the purest way of cooling your drink - literally 'on the rocks'. Stone does not melt, which means no unclean water in your glass. They are also reusable making them eco-friendly

Alot of extra time on your hands!

Damn I wish I had this much free time (and money to play with). Notice the Delorean parked on the street.

This Star Wars Landspeeder is a full-sized, drivable, Jedi-approved replica built by former LucasFilm employee Daniel Deutsch, who designed his version from the ground up. Neatorama dug up this 1:1 scale speeder, which has a custom aluminum chassis, fiberglass body, and an electric drive system that hits lightspeed at 25 mph.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peep the soundtrack....

Ok so its a rainy Saturday afternoon here in the 215th so I decided to get back in the lab, turn on the machine and bang out some beats. During the course of the afternoon the tv's watching me instead of the other way around and 8 Mile is on. Something hit me when I took a pause for the cause to watch it, the soundtrack. Everything track in the movie was a banger, from Mobb Deep to Onyx even Biggie everything was on point. Now fast forward to 2008, image a movie like 8 Mile coming out now, do you know how wack the soundtrack would be! Really makes you realize how garbage shit is right now. Can anyone list 12 songs of now that would make a 2008 rendition of this movie good?

Think about it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lets go to the movies!

While out in Portland I discovered a new spot that wasn't there during my last visit back in December. Its a place called the Living Room Theater, this is an ill setup! Basically it has 6 living rooms set up with high end entertainment systems and you can go and watch classic, independant and new films while in the comfort of your own living room. Plus they serve you food and drinks, who needs the big multiplex when you've got some shit like this. Plus they've got a lounge bar area for chillin out and having a few drinks. Portland is bananas!

Check this out.

Ginger Ale...My drink of choice

Ok, so whenever I send my rider to a promotor who's looking to book me, one of the things that I request while Im spinning is Ginger Ale, not the shit out of the gun behind the bar but real Ginger Ale. While in Portland the club owner over heard me talking to the promotor about it and he says to me, "hey, we make our own Ginger Ale locally, you should try it" Damn!!!! This is an Ale. Once again, its something about Portland where they use quality shit. If you look on the bottle it says made with cane sugar. Portland is all about making products the way the used to be made and keeping it correct.

Chick'n and Biscuits....word!

Ok so while out in Portland my man Rev Shines put me up on this crazy breakfast spot called Pine State Biscuits, its this real small spot with like 4 tables, people standing while eating and a crazy line and all they sever is biscuits, shit is bananas!! Biscuits with chicken is their specialty so you know I had to try the McIsley the first day and then with bacon the second. The McIsley is the chicken and biscuit with pickles and this mustard that I've never had before and honey (which I passed on because I hate honey). Now it sounds crazy but its good as shit and its large and filling, you dont need anything else. I topped it off with a glass of sweet tea one day and a cheerwine cherry soda the next. The cheerwine is "real" cherry soda...Funny how everything in Portland is used with the real ingrediants vs. other places and products. All this for $6, what???? You cant beat that shit. My homey Huy had the "Reggie" which is the Chicken w/ Biscuit, bacon topped with gravy!

Still on the "Best" Burger quest...

As always I have to track down the best burger no matter where I travel to, in this case its The Doug Fir in Portland. The Doug Fir is a dope Restaurant / Lounge with an intimate performance venue downstairs, kinda like a place where Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pack would have hung out at. I always get the same thing when Im there, pancakes and pepper bacon for breakfast and the Fir Burger Fries and a "real" shake for dinner! The pepper bacon adds incredible flavor. I give this an "A" without a doubt.

Back from Portland!

So Im back from my all to short trip to Portland Oregon last weekend and as always I had crazy fun! Im out in PDX 2-3 times a year and its always the same pleasurable experience, peaceful and I always return mad motivated and energetic. This times no different, Portland has alot going on so over the course of the next couple posts I'll break some things down for you. Thurday nights is one of Portlands illest parties called "The Fix", you cant go wrong with a party that has DJ's Ohmega Watts, Rev. Shines and Kez manning the decks, always crazy gems pumpin thru the speakers. Friday night I made my return visit to another dope party, Heavy Rotation which is always a great experience. The thing about this party is that I can play gems across the board, everything from Hip Hop, funk & soul, afrobeat, latin, classics and house, the freedom is there just to zone out and rock the crowd. Saturday was Juice Jam '08 which is an all day park jam with DJ's and performances. Much props the Theory Hazit, dude is bananas behind the mic and Tanya Morgan gave an ill show, these dudes got energy! Saturday night was a special edition of the Fix which had special guest DJ, Jake One from Seattle. As always this is the place to be, people that know how to come out and have a good time, looking very fresh and not affraid to dance and enjoy themselves. Sunday was a late sleeper because my homey Huy and myself were making the 2 1/2 hr drive to Seattle to spin with the king himself, Mr. Supreme. What more can I say, its not often I get to spin with this cat but he still holds the crown for being one of most official dudes I know!

Besides the usual funfilled things I do when in Portland (ie. spending my hard earned quarters at Ground Kontrol, cop'in fresh kicks and wares at Complex and Upper Playground, diggin at the record spots and eating some of the freshest food around)Portland is still my favorite place to visit, it always feels like home.