Friday, September 27, 2013

Lord Finesse x Slice of Spice Boxset

Wait... Stop the presses!!  The postman just delivered a package filled with several "Slices of Spices"  12 inch vinyl gems from the Lord Finesse catalog.  Mr. Smith if your reading this, I salute you once again for releasing this beautiful and limited boxset of Underboss remixes.  As you seem to do so frequently, you've one up'd yourself once again and I thank you for servicing me with the goods.  If your not in the know about the label known as Slice of Spice then you should get familiar with them ( and all of their rare and unique vinyl releases.  They've released some heavy joints over the last year or so, most which sell out almost immediately and definitely pieces that you'll want in your crates for years to come.  I think it just might be time for me to make my Slice of Spice x Lord Finesse mixtape!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's All About The Shirt

If you know me then you know it's always about the t-shirt.  You'll probably never spot me wearing anything less that something fresh.

Frank 151 x The RZA Part 2

Part 2 of the Frank 151 x The RZA interview.  This time around The RZA lists 5 must see Martial Arts films.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Toys Batman 1:6 Figures

For many fans, the 1966 Adam West Batman TV series is considered to be the one of choice and the same holds true for collectors who for years wished for merchandise from the those years but due to copyrights there has been little to none available until now.  Later next year Hot Toys will be releasing these 1:6 scale collectible figures to the market which I'm sure will sell pretty quick.  And yes, there will be a Batmobile to go along with it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ben Baller x Hypebeast

If there's one thing that I love and always can relate to are the guys that are so successful in they're lanes  that people love to hate them just because they floss extra hard or even floss without trying to floss.  I'm not talking about guys like (_insert name here_) who got into the game late, got some knowledge and then all of a sudden became authorities, tastemakers, know it all's and spokespersons for cool shit.  But the guys who really created they're shit are hated but well respected in the same sentence.  I know a ton of guys minor and major from diggers to bricklayers that people try to shit on but are undeniable "kings" at there craft,  people like Biz Markie for instance.  Ben Baller is one of those guys that has made his way around and I roll with dude and how he gets it in.

Diggin Psychedelic Records You've Never Heard Of

Nice clip with one half of Psychemagik Dan McLewin has he walks the viewer through 10 of his favorite Psych records.

LEGENDS: Felabration Afterparty

Next  month I have the  honor of handling mic duties for the LEGENDS: Felabration after party in Amsterdam.  It's always a pleasure to link up with Rob Manga and VJ Supreme Cuisine on one of their nights.  If you've never been to a LEGENDS party then you're really missing out!  Rob Manga takes you on a musical journey with some of the greatest artists of all time, while Supreme Cuisine handles the visuals that compliment and complete your experience.

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem Sights

Last week I went on a trip that was in the making for exactly 5 years and it finally happened.  The homies Soul Supreme and Dase Boogie have been working to get me to Israel for a while now to spin they're party called The Hop in Tel Aviv.  While there (as limited time as I had) they wanted to show me the sights and I was more than excited to see them so off to the old city of Jerusalem to see where Jesus was was laid after being removed from the cross, seeing the markets inside the city and more.  This was an amazing trip with still so much more to see so I'm definitely looking forward to my next trip.

Tel Aviv Burger Quest

You know I'm always on my burger quest and can't stop, won't stop until I've had the best burger in all 50 states and every country on this earth!  Recently on a trip to Tel Aviv, the homies Soul Supreme and Dase Boogie took me to what they considered the best burger in Tel Aviv and you know what?  It was a damn good burger!  Top quality beef, the texture was perfect and the but was definitely in my top 5 buns of all time.

Frank 151 x The RZA

As  part of Chapter 52: China curated by CLOT, Frank 151 and founder Edison Chen with The RZA to examine the influence of Marital Arts and it's presence in the groups music.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm Jazzy!

New video clip from my Rock Steady Crew homegirl, Jazzy Jes in Switzerland.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

We're At Baltimore Comic Con This Weekend!

For those of you attending Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, be sure to stop by the Hot Peas & Butta  booth, checking in with artist Rory Smith and find out about our Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic book!  #Kaiju

Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Not A Wedding DJ

I'm not a wedding DJ but today I will DJ my first wedding.  WHy?  Because the couple met at our Hot Peas & Butta James Brown tribute party a few years back.  Why?  Because they asked that I play strictly 45s, Sweet Soul, Northern Soul and Reggae Soul.  Wedding DJ is something that I never wanted to add to my resume, why?  Not because I can't do them but because I feel like the music should be as special as the moment of two people being bonded and the music should reflect them and who they are.  ANyone can play cheesy pop songs or the standard go to tunes so why not just have an iPod on hand if your going to request or give me a playlist?  Most DJs would do it because it's a big check but for me, DJing should be about enjoyment, not a chore!  So today I leave home the flight case and bring out the fancy Platter-Pak 7" boxes that store the Sweet Soul tunes.

Hot Peas & Butta Germany 3yr Anniversary Tour

Finally locked everything down and we're excited to present to you, the Hot Peas & Butta Germany 3 year anniversary tour dates!  That's right, we'll be making our rounds and spinning those Funk & Soul 45's for your dancing and listening pleasure in Stuttgart, Much, Cologne and Keil in October!  DJ's Scarce One, myself and special guest DJs with be dropping heavy tunes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

25 Years of Street Fighter

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Street Fighter released in the arcades and since has become one of the most popular fighting games of all time.  In celebration of it's anniversary Capcom has put together a documentary with a ton of footage and interviews with players, producers Yoshinoro Ono, DJ Q-Bert and more.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Philly in Helsinki

It's crazy how much that I bump into or get to spin with fellow DJ's in other parts of the globe more than I do when being on home soil.  Two weeks ago Philly homie Cosmo Baker was in Helsinki Finland at the same time that I was so we linked up for dinner and talked about travels and our love for Helsinki.  We just happened to be playing in clubs situated right next to each other and owned by the same person so we got to check out each others sets along with Giles Peterson who was in the room with Cosmo.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Friends of Shingaling

Some great photos of this past weekends Fun City Shingaling in Saint Petersburg Russia with Mr. Chak, Gonzo and myself.

(Photo credit @annvalera)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Helsinki Burger Quest

I'm still on my burger quest but it's definitely been a minute since I've had a proper one.  After my return to Helsinki I meet up with the homies Hatsolo and Mercy 1 of Flow Mo Crew for a bite to eat at a burger spot that they highly recommend.  It tastes as good as the pic looks and as hungry as I was I definitely could've have gone for another one.

Fun City Shingaling

Last nights Fun City Shingaling party was another one for the books.  Saint Petersburg showed up thick to hear those heavy Funk, Soul, and Disco Rap tunes spun at 45rpm.  Thank you Russia's finest Mr. Chak for having me out again and Gonzo who really opened the floor up the first part of the nigh.