Friday, March 30, 2012

High Score!

Finally back from Vegas and relaxed after a long night rockin with my cousin Supreme La Rock and DJ 88 for Hot Peas and Butta at Insert Coins. Man I gotta tell you that this is the place to be if your ever out there, it's unlike anything else in Vegas. The management, staff, security are all professional, unlike a lot of clubs this spot is about having fun and that's what we did the entire night! We dropped crazy 45's all night, from Funk & Soul to Classic Hip Hop, Dance Classics to 80's Electro and the people knew exactly how to get it in. In addition to the musical selections we had a great night dropping quarters into the many arcade machines that were on deck which made out 10-4am shift fly by a little too fast.

Insert Coins Photos By Peter Suh

Perfect Combination

Excited to be spinning at this years Chicken & Beer event in NYC. If you've been to any of the previous years events then you know this sells out quick and it's a crazy good time!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Basement To Museum

Not to long ago The Museum of Uncut Funk contacted me to discuss my love of 70's culture, Kung Fu & Blaxploitation flix, collecting, movie posters, toys and other things that have influenced the inner workings of Hot Peas And Butta. One Saturday afternoon Sista ToFunky made the trip to Philly to discuss all the above topics and more, here's is just a brief segment of a 2hr conversation.

It's always a pleasure to talk with other people and collectors who share the same passions as you for art and culture.

Be sure to stop by the Museum of Uncut Funk to get a healthy dose of all things 70s, all things Black and all things funky!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Butta Bros in Vegas

The Butta Bros are back in business on 3.28.12 and this time we're hitting Las Vegas! Supreme La Rock and myself will be rocking the Versus x Hot Peas and Butta all 45's Edition at Insert Coins. Really excited about this because if you know us then you know we love the classics and this spot is filled with classic Arcade Machines. It's arcade meets high end bottle service bar but not filled with pretentious people who could care less about the DJ's and only worry about drink specials.

Definitely looking forward for rockin with DJ 88 and my mellow Preme on this one!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking Down Fela

Next week I'll be on the judges panel for Behind The Breaks producers competition, the Fela Edition. Excited to see what people are gonna flip and do just from Fela's legendary catalog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mirror Universe

I have to say I'm blessed to have creative people around me that inspire me and that I in return inspire. People that are unique and hold it down in their crafts and strive to separate themselves from everyone else. I met up with my cousin KrausPhade today at his crib for lunch and if you know him then you know he takes his photography serious. Before I got a chance to bless him with a copy of BTWN THE BRKS magazine that he did a photo shoot of me for he hits me with the "yo, I just added to the collection, I got this 1970 Polaroid" Now most "photographers" today shoot only digital and use photoshop but Sir Kraus shoots film, Polaroids and digital but doesn't use photoshop. So he snapped this pic of me today using the Polaroid and I must say, it's looking vintage without using an app to make it look vintage.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moneytown's Golden Dollar

Had a killer time in DC rocking with the homie Nite Krawler for his Funk & Soul get down, Moneytown. The place was packed with an amazing group of people that danced the entire night. It was a pleasure to rock this event in DC and lets me know that there is still hope!

Plus I have to say that the decor of this place was well done, everything from the vintage black light and tour posters framed to the crazy lighting that made the room a purplish tint.

Word To The "D"

Man With Vision

The art and film industry has lost another genius, Ralph Mcquarrie responsible for sketching and bringing to life some of your favorite characters in films such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, E.T., Close Encounters and others has passed away.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Questions & Answers

On any given day that I travel or check my emails and Facebook messages there's always a slew of questions that I'm asked from people around the world that follow me like "What are you into now?", "What's the best burger you've ever had?", "What are you listening to these days?", "What comics are you reading?" and "What do you listen to when your home?" Honestly I love receiving messages like this, it used to be an inbox full of "Hey what was the name of that break you played on this video at 3:22?" which I don't have time to watch clips, do your own diggin and discovery.

I'm really glad that people want to know about me outside of my profession, to me those people are true fans (but I like to call them fam's as in world wide family). These are people who in some way appreciate my suggestions on things that I think are cool or people that are into the same things that I'm into and want to connect in one way shape or form. Music is just one part of my life, there are so many other things that move and drive me that I'm into so it's great that I can connect with different groups of people on different topics and not just be known as one dimensional.

Ok so to answer some of the questions that I've been asked recently what comics am I reading? Other things besides the usual super hero madness that Marvel has been putting out but there are a few DC titles that are great though. But I've been reading alot more of the gritty and raw titles such as Dark Shadows, King Conan, Flash Gordon and other indy titles.

What I'm watching? There's always a classic playing even if I'm not watching. If I'm on a flight going somewhere my media player is filled with cult classics and a few new shows like Hell On Wheels or The Walking Dead. Kung Fu flix are always on deck when I'm in the lab working on music as well as the occasional horror.

What's in my ears? That's constantly changing but for the last few months I've been going back through alot of Jazz albums that I bought back in the early 90's to sample from and actually listening to them. My weekend mornings usually begin with me dropping the needle down and relaxing or roaming around the house prepping for the day. But other than Jazz it's the usual Soul, Soundtracks and whatever new gems I find.

So now you know what I'm feeling for the moment what are you diggin right now?