Sunday, September 30, 2012

Block Rock'n, Hip Hop'n

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the IBE International Hip Hop Festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands for what I believe is the 5th time.  IBE is a full weekend of events, panel discussions, parties, socializing, mingling and artistic creativity flowing to the fullest with people from all over the globe attending.  This year Return of The Bboy put together an official Block Jam and Concrete battle on a perfect Sunny day complete with BBQ, live band and incredible DJs.

*HIP HOP nuff said.

From Russia With Love

Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to St. Petersburg Russia to join the ranks of great DJ's that have been guests to play records at the legendary Fun City Shingaling party ran my the Fabulous Mr. C.  It felt good to finally touch down in Russia to play some of my favorite Deep Funk and Sweet Soul 45s for an amazing group of people that knew the music inside and out and danced the entire night away.  And I have to give an extra shout to those fellow DJs worldwide that I work with and who continue to bless the listener with incredible music, we've built an incredible network so lets keep making it happen.

Once I touched down I knew that I was in good hands when the guys came to pick me up in the Fun City Shingaling mobile, after that it was all one big party.

Photo credits:  Mr. Chak, Lee Gnezdilova, Wladislaw Grad

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tokyo Soul

You can remember a night that happened months ago almost as if it were yesterday, but your memory can only get you so far with exact details.  That's why I love when there's someone in the audience that captures some of what went down (except when you had a bad night) but on this occasion in Japan at Honey Drippin' it was definitely a great crowd, amazing vibe, beautiful music and top notch sound system that made this a night to remember.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sights of Swiss

Switzerland is still in my top 2 destinations to travel in the world, always a good time, I love the architecture and the crisp fresh air does a brother good!

Hot Peas & Butta Switzerland

This is probably our 4th time or so of doing Hot Peas & Butta in Lausanne Switzerland and it just keeps getting better and better.  It's always a good time to play records with HP&B resident DJ C.T.B who knows exactly the right time to give me a shout and say 'I think it's time to bless Lausanne with another party'.  Once again the party was packed with people dancing the entire night from 11p - 5am, strictly Funk & Soul 45's and you can tell by the pics that the male to female ratio was correct and everyone really looked happy which is the main reason for being at a party.  Dance or go home is how I look at it, if your watching the DJ's emotionless then we're not doing our job!

Real Funk 45's in Zurich

Had an amazing time over the last 3 weeks traveling and playing records in Europe with so many great DJ's and lovers of Funk & Soul music.  First stop on the agenda was in Zurich Switzerland for Real Funk with my peoples DJ Spruzzi and Funky Gramigna who welcomed me and made sure I enjoyed every minute of my times spent there.  I've been to Switzerland a million times but I got to see some amazing things during this trip, it can't always be about records when traveling.

Real Funk is an amazing night!  It's always great to have a great mix and ratio of male to female plus everyone dancing and enjoying the music, not standing around looking at you like your an exhibit at a museum.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pink Cookies

The Pink Cookies party has been baking for sometime now and it's definitely one of those nights that in the end you walk out and say to yourself, damn I'm glad I came here.  So you know I'm really excited to be spinning next week and all vinyl set along side my For The Record homie Unkle Chip and Tekit Izi.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday Swiss Sights

Spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my Swiss homie DJ CTB and his lady seeing the city, tasting wine straight from the vineyards and enjoying incredible beers.  You guys always look out for me when I'm in Lausanne and show me a good time, thank you!

The Burger Bros

About 7 years ago Ynot and myself set out on this quest to have the best burgers in all 50 states but that soon led to having the best burgers around the world.  And even within that time we have yet to scratch the surface especially with so many new spots popping up all the time but we eating away at it though.  While in Lausanne Switzerland I had the opportunity to hit an old faithful spot as well as a new one, both quality beef, both with amazing buns and both equally tasty.

Fun City Shingaling

Excited to be playing records out in St. Petersburg Russia this Saturday night for Fun City Shingaling.

Break Free 2012

When it comes to the independent Bboy Jams Break Free is definitely one of the fresher ones and why wouldn't it be, it's thrown by people who are not only Bboys and from this culture but are smart in terms of their business being in order.   Every year these guys seem to step the game up and make it an even crazier experience.

UK B-Boy Championships 2012

The UK Champs are just around the corner and this years lineup  doesn't disappoint.  Always a pleasure to rock the 5000 people in attendance as they make an insane amount of  noise for these ill dancers from around the globe.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Swiss Hiking

Had an amazing time today in Switzerland doing a little hiking through the mountains, 1 1/2 hours worth to be exact which isn't an easy task especially because I'm not the outdoors type of guy that engages in those types of activities.  But all in all it was a great way to spend the afternoon with my fam out here and to enjoy the scenery and have lunch at a cafe once we reached the top.

The Bond Archives

I've purchased several books of the years based on the James Bond franchise and after each one I say ok cool, this is all I need.  That is until the next one comes out that is more amazing than the previous one which is the case with this new hardback called The James Bond Archives.

EON Productions opened their archive “of photos, designs, storyboards, and production materials” to editor Paul Duncan, who, for the last two years has worked over the materials – including more than one million images (!!) and documents to compile what Taschen considers “the most complete account of the making of the series, covering every James Bond film ever made, beginning with Dr. No (1962) and ending with the upcoming Skyfall (2012).” An oral history with more than 150 former cast members and crews is also found inside the James Bond Archive.
At almost 600 pages, the The James Bond Archives offers more than 1,100 images – many unseen – and the most comprehensive overview of the film series in print.