Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffe Table Status

There are a slew of great hardback books dropping these days, perfect for those collectors on your holiday gift list or just resting on your coffee table. A couple of things that struck me was a new book on vinyl figures which my cousin, aerosol artist and vinyl toy make East 3 is in called "I Am Plastic Too".

(Photo courtesy of East 3)

The other thing that caught my attention was A Bathing Apes founder Nigo(who is a collector of all things fresh)and has been a devoted book enthusiast for many years has a pop up book store opening soon. Running for a limited period from December 15, 2010 to January 30, 2011 the shop will be devoted to books on design, culture, and art, with speculations on a host of the rarest books on the subjects published in the early 90’s from NIGO’s own personal collection.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dunny wit the munny!

The original custom designed Dunny figure used for the flyer to promote my $2 Soul Show podcast. Notice the real $2 Bills cut and pasted over the Dunny and how the $2's make the eyes.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just another day at the office, nuff said!

The best to ever do it!

Today November 27th marks the 70th birthday of the the greatest icons of martial arts cinema, and a key figure of modern popular culture. The person that we call "the best to ever do it", Lee Juan Fan also known as The Dragon, Bruce Lee. Very few people "change the game" or create a legacy that has had such a major impact in the world. In honor of his greatness the Hot Peas and Butta gang will be spending the day watching his greatest cinematic works, reviewing documentaries and going through the many pieces of memorabilia that I've collected over the years of this legendary individual. Below shows just a few pieces that we treasure from posters, to soundtracks and even vintage iron-ons.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mode 2

Last week while in Montpellier France I had the opportunity to chill and build with a very influential artists within the graff community, the legendary Mode 2. This guy has a lot of knowledge as well as great stories from a time since gone. Always good to link up with cats and learn their history in depth and first hand.

Check out his site whenever you get a chance!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Back in 2006 during the Philadelphia Film Festival I had the opportunity to see the screening of the movie Wholetrain which is a film shot in Europe about not just graff and bombing trains but friendships, lifes and relationships. After the screening I linked up with the writer / director Florian to do an interview for the radio show that I did with my partners Fredy Blast and DJ Primetime called "The Formula" w/ The Science Patrol. After chilling out at my crib, shooting the breeze and talking about graff history in Europe, NY and Philly we finally got down to the topics at hand. Here is the interview, enjoy!

Limited Edition Hot Peas and Butta Prints

Hot Peas and Butta x Record Breakin bring you a Black Friday holiday sale of funky goodness! We now have Limited Edition Hot Peas and Butta prints signed by The Elroy Jenkins, matted and ready to be framed. All you have to do is purchase the 45 or boxset and we'll throw in a print free of charge! 3 prints to choose from, "The Smoke Out, Hot Peas and Butta Japan (The Return of Magma Tashi), and Bullies & Brothels.

*Please note that there are only a few box sets (limited edt. of 20)and the 45 has been selling steadily since its release back in July.

To order this special offer head over to

If you already own the 45 or the Box Set but want to own a piece of the art for your walls then email us and we'll get you a price.
Get yours today!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bunny hoppin curbs...

If you know me then you know I'm a collector of all things fresh and classic BMX bikes is one of those things. But if you know my partner Supreme La Rock then you know he has one of the illest SE Bikes (limited edition of course) in all white which I slept on when if was released. Here's a new colabo that SE and Oakley got together to do. Retail price of $700. Hey Supreme, wanna go halvzies?

So wrong, yet so good.

It's funny that no matter where I go in the world there is this stereotype of what americans like and every place has there version of what they think is a Philly Cheesesteak. Stopped at a spot while in Montpellier France and didn't know what to order, when all else fails got the the meal called "The American"...... Just like being home.

Steak on a long roll with french fries stuffed in?!

Actually was good.... or was I just that Hungry?

My peoples from Tokyo, Katsu and Yoda took my advice!

Down to rock the party.........

as I turn the party out!

Last nights BOTY Pre party in Montpellier was insane. Did my thing in front of a packed house that was down to get it in with me. The crowd outside waiting to get in was crazy so you know what it looked like inside!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pimp Session

Had the opportunity to link up with my partner The Elroy Jenkins today and took a drive to hang out with the Hot Peas and Butta band, Big Pimp Jones in the studio as they recorded some new material for their upcoming projects. Was good to drink a few beers and witness the funk as it all goes down. Whats really dope about there new material is that it's all recorded to tape which definitely gives it a different feel. Can't wait for the masses of stuff these guys will be releasing in the near future!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gettin' Up

There's something to be said about having the mutual respect of your peers in what you do but also from others in what they do. I try to keep each of the elements of "Hip Hop" close while others know very little which has been more apparent lately. I've been blessed with being "thrown up" by two Kings on separate occasions, Cope2 KD and more recently in Switzerland by Serval of 7$. If you don't have that mutual respect of other MC's, DJ's and writers you don't get the Hip Hop pass, sorry. You can't know one element and claim the culture!

Hot Peas and Butta Recap

This past weeks Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bad Guys and Bandits was amazing! Had a great time spinning with our guest DJ, Monk One (Wax Poetics)who really put the smack down with the 45's. Shouts to everyone that came out on a Tuesday night and special shouts to the legendary Danny Dan The Beat Man for swinging through and bringing me a care package of the new Dusty Fingers 45's hot off the press (doubles of course)!

For more pics of the party by KrausPhade go to

Quality Clydes, Not Quantity Puma!

Back in 05 when Puma started dropping the vintage Clydes' line I was ahead of the curve with copping them to relieve my 70's and 80's and became known as the guy on the scene with mad flavors that you just couldn't find at the time. After a few years bboys started overdoing the "Pumas" just for the sake of having them in a bunch of colors. But what I had noticed was they weren't rocking "Clydes" they were wearing "Suedes" and calling them Clydes. After that I started seeing peoples Myspace pages with pics of all their "Clydes" (but were Suedes) and bragging about how many that they had. Here's a little history.... Back in the day Suedes were wack and still are! If you wore Suedes back in the day you got called wack and you weren't fly or official! Same rule applies now! Quality over quantity! And please retire the stupid colorways that some of you guys are wearing!

All flavors, even custom Skeme Richards Sesion31's, limited edition Horse Hairs, and limited edition leather with suede.

Perfect Saturday

As a kid a perfect Saturday would be a bowl of cereal, cartoons, afternoon kung fu flix and riding my bike. As an adult those same things still apply with the addition of record shopping and finding other rare collectibles. While driving home from a morning of digging for records I drove by a bike shop that caught my attention, they had an OG Schwinn Screamer bike in the window!!! I had to do a u-turn and find out the details. After looking over the bike and seeing it was all original I told dude to tune it up and I'll be back for it! It might cost me a nice penny but "Ramo I just gotta"! Ask any kid in the 70's and this was it!

Saturday Beat Mission

Been meaning to post about this topic for over a year now and never got around to it, but there's no better time then the present! One of my favorite spots to hit in Philly is the Milk Crate Cafe which is owned by my man Botany 500 (who used to own Cue Records). From time to time my phone rings and I see his name on the ID which means he's got something for me. What makes this spot unique is that its a record / coffee / breakfast / bagel spot, hence Milk Crate Cafe. So B5 calls me up and says I've got some 45 heat for you so of course I wake up in the morning and head down. Before the scavenger hunt begins he fixes me up a nice bacon egg and cheese bagel with a tea and then its on.

Besides the 45's that B5 had for me and the 12's and LP's that I found in the bins the comeup of the day definitely goes to the OG pressing of Can I Get A Soul Clap 12" by Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Romantic 5 that I pulled from the bins.

Perfect morning of diggin!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the auction block

A few new pieces have recently hit the auction block.

A Walther pistol wielded by Sean Connery as James Bond in the photo shoot used for the main image in the poster and advertising campaign for 1963's From Russia With Love (above) is expected to fetch up to $32,000 at Christie's' Popular Culture: Film and Entertainment sale in London on Nov. 25. The iconic image of Connery holding the gun was later used in advertising and promotional material for every Bond film up until 1967's You Only Live Twice and remains a major pop culture paragon.

An impressive collection of Steve McQueen memorabilia including two classic Harley Davidson sidecars used in his famed 1963 flick The Great Escape (above) are being offered for sale Bonhams & Butterfields' Classic California Auction on November 13th at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The items come from the collection of McQueen's good friend, racer, stuntman and Triumph dealer Bud Ekins. The Harley sidecars date from 1936 and were used in the movie set during World War II, in which Ekins, acting as McQueen's stunt double, made the famous motorcycle jump over the wire fence.

A very rare and original Darth Vader costume, created for the epic Star Wars movie franchise, is going up on the auction block next month. The costume includes the iconic helmet, mask, and shoulder armor that helped make the character one of the most infamous and recognizable in movie history. It's thought to have been created for the second Star Wars film, "The Empire Strikes Back," in 1980 and is expected to sell for as much as $365,000. The current owner, a private American collector, obtained the costume back in 2003 and it will soon change hands again.

The costume will lead off Christie's pop culture auction in London on November 25th and represents the first complete costume to ever be offered at auction.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Essential 45's

I was recently asked by my homie Nex Millen to do I a mix for his Respect The Culture podcast which is an honor for me that he even asked. This is a nice mix of "Essential" 45's that should be in everyones crates. Give it a spin and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bullies & Brothels 2

If you were one of the people packed into the place enjoying the first Bullies & Brothels with guest DJ's Supreme La Rock and Cosmo Baker then don't break the cycle and miss this one! Bullies & Brothels 2 - Bad Guys & Bandits! Same Hot Peas and Butta formula but this time included within the rare visuals with be our tribute to the Spaghetti Western, Blaxploitation Western, and Western-Fu film genres!

Joining me for the evening will be DJ Monk One (Wax Poetics) spinning a cinematic selection of funky 45's.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Peas and Butta throwback

Since I've released volume 3 to the "Sound of Film" series, a tribute to the spaghetti western genre I've decided to pull out a little something from my collection just for the occasion. This was a piece that I've had since I was a kid, it's a Tin Can Alley target set.