Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Back!

Ok, its been a minute since I've updated the blog due to the fact of being on the go so much over the last month so I decided to take the day to catch up on alot of things that I have been meaning to do for a while. Here's few new entries for your reading pleasure and it doesn't stop there, Im going to be back on my mission on the regular!!!


Still on the "Best Burger Hunt"

Ok, if you don't know the story of Ynot and myself and our quest to find the best burger in all 50 states then go back and read the preivous blogs.
So, last week while out in L.A. doing a few gigs my homie DJ Ill-literate says that his homie Mixxxie Mouse knows all of the hot spots and Hollywood info that will make the trip the topic of conversation for the next few weeks. Both these guys know that I have to have the best burger no matter where I go so Mixxxie says I've got the best the town has to offer, he takes us to this place in Hollywood where the line is around the corner and seating is first come first serve. After standing in line for 1/2 hr we finally get inside to stand for another 15 minutes until we get a seat. Once seated Mixxxie says how do you want your burger, for me medium well is mine and he says ok stop. I say wait I want this on it and he says no, you can only tell them how you want it cooked, nothing more. The burgers come with carmelized onions and this really good lettuce on a french bread and thats all she wrote. There's not condiments in sight and ya know what, you dont need it!!!! The burger is perfect, made out of two different kinds of beef and cooked to perfection! This has opened up a new category in my burger book, this is in a league by itself and unlike any other one that I've had. No grease to give it that flavor just a tasty ass burger!!! Damn!

Burger from "Fathers Office" in Hollywood.

The Wally King

I've always been a fan of the Wallabee, even when the old librarian lady used to wear those back when I was in Elementary school in the 70's. Seeing the fly cats wearing these while growing up showed that they were on a different page then everyone else. When Ghostface took on the title of the Wally Kingpen that just solitified even more that these were the shoe of shoes. Its funny because I've only thrown these on a few times and everyone always stops to compliment them but there is one sneaker head that stopped and bugged out because he actually knew what they were and how you cant even find these joints like that.....Here's the story, a few years back I was spinning at Phillys Bboy BBQ pre-party with DJ's Rich Medina and Ultraviolet when Rich and myself cross paths and he stops and says "oh sh*t, you got the Ketchup Wallys....heads don't know about them and nobody's really rockin them". If Rich knows the deal then their official!

Ketchup Wally by Clarks

I love these kicks!!

Now Im not one that gets all goo goo over Air Max's, there joints that I like and then ones that I think are wack. But I cop'd these joints around '97-'98 and I have rocked them every year since, but only on warm Summer days with no clouds or rain in sight. If I could only find another pair of theseThese are my favorite of the Air Max's, definitly slept on!

Air Max Tailwinds (looking good for being 10yrs old)

Its in the bag!

Im wondering how many people are going to thing that Im a mad man after reading this blog but oh well thats the beauty of doing whatever the hell you want to do and not giving a sh*t! So I've always had this weird thing with the way things are packaged or the bags that you walk out the store with your item in tow. I applaud people who put as much time and thought into their bags as they do the product in which represents them, this says alot. Even the great "schwag bag" that you get from these promotional parties packed with free merch and goodies. There's nothing like walking out with free sh*t! Now I know that not everyone is going to get this blog but those that do understand what Im talking about.

Kid Robot is one company that gave thought into their product as well as bag.

Rock Paper Scissors(formally Capital 1524)is this dope sneaker spot in Seattle.
The bag is made out of heavy material w/ a draw string that can be carried on the shoulder, no cheap plastic bag sh*t here.

Ubiq in Philly has a very simple bag but has the look of a rich dark stained wood, very classy.

Now the title of this blog "Its in the bag" actually started because of the free sh*t that you get with your purchase, companies need to start throwing more of this stuff in! One such company is Philly clothing company 2one5, these guys may deliver the goods in a simple but effect brown handled bag but the extras you get with it more than more than take it over the top!

The 2on5 Bandit, this is one of there signature designs. (Sticker)

2one5's logo, do your homework if you dont know the bridge! (Sticker)

Now this is the ultimate freebie...This ziplock bag contains a refridgerator magnet, and something all graff heads would enjoy.....Widetip marker and a thinner tip for those late night tag missions.

I've got crazy bags from my man travels so I'll continue this in a part 2 I guess.

Chicken and Waffles all day!

Some people might say "hey Skeme, I thought you were on the greatest burger quest why are you reviewing chicken and waffles?". And my answer is when in Rome do as the Romans do, but in this case when on the West Coast do Roscoes Chicken and Waffles! So last week I was out in L.A. to spin at the legendary Root Down party and then Funky Sole w/ Miles (Breakestra) and Egon (Stones Throw) so my homie DJ Ill-literate decided to take the trip out with me so that we could maintain our tradition, "Standards in '08!" Soon as we get off the plane we check out his man Mixxxie (more on this guy later...but he's a conisseur of many things)after checking this Hollywood genius out we breeze over to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles to grab a bite. Morning, noon or night you can never go wrong with this combo!