Monday, May 26, 2008

Still on the "Best Burger Hunt"

Ok, if you don't know the story of Ynot and myself and our quest to find the best burger in all 50 states then go back and read the preivous blogs.
So, last week while out in L.A. doing a few gigs my homie DJ Ill-literate says that his homie Mixxxie Mouse knows all of the hot spots and Hollywood info that will make the trip the topic of conversation for the next few weeks. Both these guys know that I have to have the best burger no matter where I go so Mixxxie says I've got the best the town has to offer, he takes us to this place in Hollywood where the line is around the corner and seating is first come first serve. After standing in line for 1/2 hr we finally get inside to stand for another 15 minutes until we get a seat. Once seated Mixxxie says how do you want your burger, for me medium well is mine and he says ok stop. I say wait I want this on it and he says no, you can only tell them how you want it cooked, nothing more. The burgers come with carmelized onions and this really good lettuce on a french bread and thats all she wrote. There's not condiments in sight and ya know what, you dont need it!!!! The burger is perfect, made out of two different kinds of beef and cooked to perfection! This has opened up a new category in my burger book, this is in a league by itself and unlike any other one that I've had. No grease to give it that flavor just a tasty ass burger!!! Damn!

Burger from "Fathers Office" in Hollywood.

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