Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wally King

I've always been a fan of the Wallabee, even when the old librarian lady used to wear those back when I was in Elementary school in the 70's. Seeing the fly cats wearing these while growing up showed that they were on a different page then everyone else. When Ghostface took on the title of the Wally Kingpen that just solitified even more that these were the shoe of shoes. Its funny because I've only thrown these on a few times and everyone always stops to compliment them but there is one sneaker head that stopped and bugged out because he actually knew what they were and how you cant even find these joints like that.....Here's the story, a few years back I was spinning at Phillys Bboy BBQ pre-party with DJ's Rich Medina and Ultraviolet when Rich and myself cross paths and he stops and says "oh sh*t, you got the Ketchup Wallys....heads don't know about them and nobody's really rockin them". If Rich knows the deal then their official!

Ketchup Wally by Clarks

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me these are still in the same condition and you would sell um?