Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tape Tuesday (Strictly Def Jam's)

I consider myself of collector of many things and although I have a ton of tapes ranging from radio show recordings, promos, demos and store bought I don't classify myself as a tape collector. I haven't purchased a tape (besides the occasional blank)since probably 92/93 so what I have is what I have and though I see a few while out diggin I just can't bring myself to purchase them.

While going through the stash I pulled out this NMS 92 (that's New Music Seminar for those that don't know)which showcased one side as Def Jam East and the other the short lived Def Jam West. I'll stick with the East side because honestly the only person on the West that you might remember is Boss and the rest never made any noise or impact. There's a crazy story about Boss that we heard back in 91 while in the Def Jam offices shopping a deal but I'll save that for a later post. Anyway, the few gems on here are Onyx "Black Vagina Finder" which is how I first heard Onyx, way before "Throw Ya Gunz" dropped, Redman "How To Roll A Blunt" another track that I heard and knew he was going to be the shit before his album dropped.

Other tracks included EPMD "Crossover" (Trunk Mix), MC Search "Hear It Comes", Nice & Smooth "Cake & Eat It Too" which are all bangers. I really miss the days of buying records from Def Jam and knowing that it was going to be something good if it was on an RAL (Rush Associated Labels) 12". The days of going to the NMS and getting promos like this with a bunch of artists that eventually became household names is over.

Long live the cassette as I knew it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

45's of Epic Proportions

Pulling double duty once again at this years SXSW in Austin TX. First up is the Record Breakin 45 Invasion Party that the homie DJ Junior puts on, really great vibe, good peoples and a whole lot of 45's!

Next up is the Red Bull Music Academy Sponsored, 45 Sessions x Hot Peas And Butta colabo, Two Sevens Clash featuring guest DJ, Shortkut! Once again we put an all star lineup of great DJ's together to go head to head and showcase the gems.


Looking forward to heading out to Washington DC next Friday night to play 45's at the highly respected Moneytown with the homie Nitekrawler. Funk, Soul, Boogaloo, Disco and Afrobeat! Oh man am I excited.

Monday, February 20, 2012

True Master

Next Saturday 3/3 you can catch me in Ann Arbor Michigan spinning for Master The Art 9. Looking forward to making the trip to Ann Arbor since I've never been out there plus I get to catch up with a few peeps that I haven't seen in a minute and how Michigan how I get down!

Tale Of The Tape

Welcome to Tape Tuesdays! From time to time I'll pull out the random cassette from yesteryear and put a snippet of a classic gem.

Spent a few hours going through boxes of cassette tapes which ranged from tapes recorded from radio shows, Hip Hop cassettes, 4 Track SMPTE tapes and the occasional never seen the light of day promo tape of an artist that never got a proper release. Today's post is about a promo of the "Ya Don't Stop" (EMI 1991) album from The Jaz which was a quality listened from side a to b and featured production from a few heavyweights such as The 45 King, Prince Paul and Large Professor which in my opinion bring some of their best of all time. Lyrically at that time Jaz always seemed to come correct flipping the various styles and flows and you can definitely tell where Jay Z got his whole style from.

Some years back EMI England pressed the album on vinyl (once again a promo only) but it would've been nice to see a widespread release with a video or other promo to go along with it. I remember copping this promo from the record store and constantly banging it in the whip while cats didn't even know what time it was. This album definitely could have held it's weight against the other early 90's Hip Hop albums that dropped back then, maybe Jaz's career would have turned out a little different.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shoot With Your Best Shot!

We at Hot Peas and Butta are honored to be one of sponsors for the Wax On Film contest. This is for all you vinyl junkies that like to show off your collections.

Wax On Film: A Vinyl Photo Contest is an opportunity for vinyl collectors of all walks of life to showcase their true love for vinyl. It’s put together by Jamison Harvey of Flea Market Funk and Eilon Paz, of the acclaimed vinyl documentary photo site Dust & Grooves.

The mission of this photo contest is to help preserve vinyl heritage, as well as the artists that make it, just as our contestants do with their collections.

We want you to submit photos of your own vinyl collection!

We urge you to be creative with your photography. It could be a straight on shot, a collage, a digitally manipulated image, or any other creative art piece in the medium of photography.

Submissions will be judged by Jamison Harvey (DJ & creator of Flea Market Funk), Eilon Paz (Photographer & creator of Dust & Grooves), influential world famous DJ Rich Medina, Brian Ho (art director & creator of Dreams In Audio) and Brian Cross aka B+ (photographer & film maker from Mochilla). All finalists of the contest will be featured in articles on Flea Market Funk as well as Dust & Grooves.

Prize Packages:

First Place:
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Third Place:
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5 Runners Up:
1 Truth and Soul Records 7” record
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* Prizes are subject to change without notice, based on availability.

Submission Rules:

* Submissions will be accepted until March 15th , 2012.
* Finalists will be announced no later than April 2nd, 2012.
* There is no limit to the number of images each artist may submit.
* Submission is open to all persons over the age of 18.
* Artwork should be submitted as a digital file.
* Maximum file size: 2MB
* File Format: JPEG
* Images should be saved at 72dpi
* Color Profile: sRGB
* Images should be no larger than 1400 pixels on their longest dimension.
* File names should consist of: Artist name_Artwork name_Sequence Number
* On the caption field please write your full name and a valid email address so we can contact you in case your submission wins.

Send all submissions here

go ahead, be creative, start shooting!!

more about our sponsors:

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Live From The 215

Going through the crates today and stumbled across this 12" which I never hear anyone mention nor do I see if pop up. Maybe it's a Philly thing and no one outside of this city was up on it back in 1985 when it dropped. The 12" I'm speaking about is from the Korner Boyz aka Grand Tone and Parry Pee featuring their DJ, Jazzy Jeff. This was way before the Fresh Prince days (which I will be posting a few early Fresh Prince basement tapes in the future).

The one really fresh thing about this 12" is that Grand Tone and Parry Pee's line says something to the effect of this ain't Cosmic Kev or Cash Money, which is how I remember most of the Hip Hop back in the day where people got mentioned on wax, none of this subliminal dissing. Everyone knows who the legendary DJ Cash Money is but for those that don't know who Cosmic Kev is, lets just say he was the man before alot of other DJ's became the man in Philly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love On 45

We'll it's February 14th, Valentines Day and normally I would present to you a new mix just for the occasion but with not enough hours in the day I was unable to do that. So instead I decided to dig in the crate and pull out this little gem shaped as a heart and pressed on 45 by Bernard Wright. This is a classic staple that never leaves my crate when I'm out spinning and has also been sampled on several occasions.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Brother

Artwork of the upcoming issue of DC's Action Comics #9 with artwork by Gene Ha. Looks like this storyline revolves around an alternate universe where exists a Black Superman. This is nothing new though, Grant Morrison recently gave us a Black Superman President in Final Crisis, a Black Superman in the Tangent Universe, one in the 80's Crisis Of Infinite Earth.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Baseline Aesthetics

I'm excited to be rocking at this new party in New York with DJ Dopeshoes (Homegrown Blends)called "Baseline Aestheics", the night is dedicated to strictly classics, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Disco. In addition to this being the blast off night it will as serve as a release party for the newest issue of Between The Breaks magazine (which I've been blessed to have been interviewed in). The magazine also covers interviews with Roxrite, The Beat Swap Meet and other art, lifestyle and culture topics. Copies of the magazine will be given out to the first 50 people that arrive.

The Postman Rings Twice For "Nice"

Nothing like checking the morning mail and finding new music in the form of 7" that your excited to play out at your next gig.

Looks like the homie Paul Nice is back with another Sure Shot and that's literally speaking considering that his labels name is Sure Shot! This go around Paul remixes the Rhymefest featuring Kanye West track "Brand New" which I've always liked but this new take on it is gonna cause me to put it back into regular rotation when I'm spinning out.

The B side features the instrumental track which is great, you can really tell how crafty Paul went into detail with the 80's R&B feel, nice drums, nice bass, nice bounce, a winner in my book.

This exclusive red vinyl 7" is limited to only 300 copies and signed by Paul Nice. Get your copy now before it's gone!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Thun City Sights

Going through my camera and pulling some flix off. Here's a few random shots while spending New Years in Switzerland.


It's been a minute since I've sampled a really proper burger but in the last two weeks I've had 2 really really grand ones. First up was recommended by the homie Jolin Ras while out in Vancouver last week, I guess he felt that we needed to have a full stomach before we headed out for a day of diggin for records. This was the Man's Man Burger which turned out to be bonkers!

Romer's Burger Bar knows good beer and great burgers!

Next up was actually a sort of burger reunion that I had with the cat I actually started the burger mission with, Ynot. He's been back in Philly for a week and it's only right that we indulge in a tasty burger at PYT. This was the first time that I strayed away from my usual and opted to go for the pretzel burger. This was a nice piece of beef, stacked with sirloin steak on top, cheddar and laid between a nice Philly soft pretzel bun. Complete that with a few beers and it's a wrap!