Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frame it!

Been looking for this poster for a minute, Lady Whirlwind aka Deep Thrust (in the United States). Just another piece to add to the collection!


People always ask me what is Sesion31, who's in it? etc.etc. We'll 31 is worldwide, and if everyone knew the details then it wouldn't be interesting, hahaha.... Anyway, 31 reigns supreme even in Seoul Korea!

Chillin' w/ Coma(31 Korea representer) in Seoul.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its all in the packaging!

If you've been following the Hot Peas and Butta movement then you know that when it comes to parties we believe in giving you more than just the music, but the visuals as well. When it comes to flyer / poster designs we give you something collectible that you can frame as well. It seems that Jake One and Freeway have that same quality sense as well. If people put out quality music and did creative packaging maybe consumers would start purchasing physical product more (or maybe not since we're living in the microwave age where everyone wants things now). Shouts to Rhymesayers for putting thought into their shit!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Throw that fist in the air......

and let me hear you say soul power!

Pic of me rockin the mic in Switzerland spinning James Brown's "Soul Power". The crowd knew what to do!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovers Rock

Hands down there is no jam fresher than "Lovers Rock". This is how it should be done, freshly dressed fly bboys & bgirls getting it in together, none of this gym athletics shit! San Diego original Valentines Day "Lovers Rock" jam is making its way to the 215 and along with it is SD's 1520 DJ's Mane One and Son of Jarel (where the hell is Sake???!!!) Also on the bill rockin the 1's and 2's is @Large and Sesion31's finest, Skeme Richards and Ill-literate.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Houston, Tx

I'll be in Houston Tx this weekend celebrating my peoples from Havikoro's 10yr Anniversary. In addition to rocking their anniversary Jam I'll also be spinning the after party called "Dope". This party is 2 rooms of House and Hip Hop and Im feeling in the mood to rock a strictly House set for the evening (which I dont get to do often)so I better gather up those classic 12" and pack my bags. I also just found out that my Philly cousin and DJ King Brit just spun one of their parties a few months.

Ritual Gp and DOPE present:

Commin' at you every fourth Saturday of the month!

With Very Special Guest Djs:
SKEME RICHARDS (Rock Steady Crew, The 2$ Soul Show)
COMP ONE (Havikoro, Reprogram)

With Resident Dope Djs:
BROTHA JIBRIL (Ritual Music, Soular Grooves, Rent)
SETH JONES (Ritual Music, Soular Grooves, Lone Misfit Project)

Guys $10 dollar cover
Ladies Free till 11:30
21 +

Drink Specials
2 rooms
DOPE Music!

411 Westheimer @ Taft in Montrose
January 23

Monday, January 18, 2010

UK Fashion

One thing that I've always noticed no matter in British movies, Esquire or GQ magazine or simply traveling to London is that British men know how to rock proper suits! Everything is properly fitted and rounded off with the correct tie, time piece, outer coat and briefcase. Unlike alot of people I actually have suits, ties, shoes, belts etc. in my closets, life is not all sneakers and jeans (though thats what I wear on the norm). Whenever I fly into Londons Heathrow airport I always stop into Pink and pickup a dress shirt or two, they've got a really dope selection of shirts.

Random Swissness...

A few random pics from Thun Switzerland

Mr. Wiggles TC5 (RSC) getting up in Zurich Switzerland

Old Skool Cigarette machine

Back from Switzerland!

So Im back from Thun Switzerland and I had a great time! From sight seeing to spinning at the Dap 10yr Anniversary party to climbing the Swiss Alps, it was one amazing trip! I took a stupid amount of pics but here's just a few.

View of the castle from my hotel room

Riding the gondala up to the top of the Swiss Alps (1/2hr ride to top!)

View from the top

Which way to the burgers?!

Forever Rockin' Fresh!

Gotta get that burger!

Short and sweet.... Burger in Zurich Switzerland!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Watch the birdy

So my man AJ Rockin sent me this pic, he said he was in a coffee shop in Korea and picked up this magazine to read it and bang.... a pic of Skeme Richards. This is from a party that I did in Seoul called Bunker at Times Square. I had probably just finished my dj set and was wildin out and about to introduce Rakaa from Dilated Peoples to the stage. I gotta get me a copy!

Update! Just found the pics is from Bling magazine. If your out in Korea get it for me!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mountain Brothers

Spent the afternoon chillin in Thun Switzerland in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. You never realize how high it is until your up at the top which has a dope restaurant and panaramic views. Afterwards went to dinner at this really fly restaurant and had the Osterich Steak, its just as good as any filet that I've ever had!

(Photo by Peggy Kuebler)

Philly Soul

2009 was rough with all the greats passing away and looks like 2010 is continuing on with that trend. Philly legend Teddy Pendergrass passed away.

“A whole hell of a lot more,” answered Teddy Pendergrass in Issue 33 when Wax Poetics writer Ronnie Reese asked him what else he was besides his music. Despite being confined to a wheelchair since his auto accident in 1982, Theodore Pendergrass was a fiery persona, as Reese found out that day in a fairly contentious interview. Pendergrass didn’t take no junk. That’s why he left his successful gig with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes after leading them to new vocal heights as front man. Pendergrass’s solo career, launched in 1976 on Gamble and Huff’s Philadelphia International label, brought the singer into the realm of superstardom. Until it came crashing to a relative halt one cold night in March of 1982. But the controversial wreck that left the star a quadriplegic couldn’t even stop this powerhouse baritone, as he continued to record in the ’80s, scoring a number one hit with “If You Don’t Know Me By Now,” and even recently performed while battling colon cancer. Teddy Pendergrass has died at the young age of fifty-nine.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Party Rockin w/ Paulskeee! Mighty4TV

If your not up on Paulskeee or his empire Mighty4 or anything else that this Bay Area cat has done then you need to google him! Paul knows everyone and everyone knows Paul, so when he brings the camera's to you its official. Last year he made the trip out to NYC to do some filming at our party "The Go Off" which just happened to be our 1yr anniversary with special guest DJ, Eclipse (RSC, Halftime Radio, Uncle Howie Records, Fat Beats etc)to film. From there it was back out west to get down with some of his Bay Area heads that do it up on their side.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Afro Funk

There's certain people that just really understand that Hot Peas and Butta shit! If your not one of them then head on over to to get in tuned. Last night I was blessed with a gift from a person who obviously understands this lifestyle, after all he's still rocking a Sony Walkman (yeah, a tape deck), plus he's got a VHS collection with some rarities (great minds think alike) that we're gonna have to exchange notes on sometime in the future. So last night at the James Brown tribute party my man DJ Primetime comes thru and hands me a bag and says "this is from J-Zone" (google him if your not up). This guy is official! If this ain't some Hot Peas and Butta shit I dont know what is. An original 70's "Cake Cutter" afro pick still in its original packaging. Peep the caption on the top, "Strong as Dynamite".

Peep J-Zone's Blog

I feel good! So good, so good...

Last nights James Brown tribute party in Brooklyn was off the meat rack!! Seriously, Hot Peas parties are soaring to an all time high. Last night was crazy packed with lovers of Soul Bro #1 dancing and drinking the night away as Amir and myself blessed the crowd with gems for 6 long hours. Pics will be up in a few days on the website (

So many beautiful people in the place.

A cold night perfect for rockin the furs, James would have it no other way!

You got to have it, Soul Power!

C'mon, you know I always rock the shirt that fits the occassion!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hell Yeah Im nice with a pen too!

So last year I was approached by Queen Tash from Australia who is a graff writer, fashion lover, music conniseour and much more to write for a new magazine that she was starting. I instantly said of course I would plus I had freedom to interview whoever I wanted to for it. Well the issue was released last month and I finally got my hands on a copy! This shit is 80's fresh (after all, the 80's is the decade that birth freshness)everything from the graff to the fashion to the stories have that feel to it but its all still relevant to today. I chose to interview one of the illest funk bands of today Brooklyns Budos Band, google 'em if your not up on your shit. The mag has articles on graff queen / fashion designer Claw Money, Tuf Tim Twist and other artists, musicans and fashion shit.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nice wit the mic device!

Seems like Im starting to receive and collect more pics of me rockin the mic instead of on the 1's and 2's.

IBE 2009 (Netherlands)
(c)Tyrone IBE

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Food assignement

Still going thru the many pics from the recent L.A. trip. Whenever Im out there my man Mixxxie makes sure I experience something new on the food side. So he took me to this spot that he recently discovered called "Wurstkuche" - Purveyor of Exotic Grilled Sausages. Once he told me about the varieties they had I knew that I was in for something different. Once there he said not to get the Classics, he recommends the Gourmet or Exotics and if its something he's never steered me wrong on was Beer and Food. So I decided to go with the Louisiana Hot link which is a combo of beef, pork, onions and hot spices, shit was bananas! I also had to try out the Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno Peppers, amazing! All this with a side of fries with truffle oil and it was a wrap. Some of the other things on the menu was Buffalo, Beef & Pork with Chipotle Peppers. Duck & Bacon with Jalapeno Peppers, Chicken Apple & Spices and a whole lot more. I dont even want to get into the variety of beers they have.

Definitely a stop everytime I touch down in L.A.

The Deadly Duo burger mission.

Yeah thats right Im still on my burger shit, and whenever Im in L.A. I need to stop at Fathers Office to get a burger and tasty beer from their large assortment of beverages. Im not going to do a full review on the burger because I've already done that in a previous blog, but I had to open my man Elroy Jenkins to F.O. Once again shouts to my man Mixxxie for introducing me to this spot a few years back!

The face says it all!

Taking it back!

Here's a mix that I did a year ago for the Super B beat show out of San Diego hosted by DJ's Sake, Mane One and Son of Jarel. If you were one of those people that didn't listen to the whole show here is just the mix portion that I did for them.

Keep it movin'.......

Keep it movin along! (c)Leaders of the new school.

Aight time to get 2010 rolling! 2009 was a great year, alot of travels, noise being made and it don't stop! The colabo with the film "Black Dynamite" brought out two very successful Hot Peas and Butta parties, HPB NY & worldwide is going strong with my man Amir (be on deck for our James Brown Tribute party on Jan. 8th in New York). HPB also will be turning 2 years old in a few months and of course we'll be celebrating something special for the occassion! We'll be hitting Pittsburg to getdown with the finest record dude out there Jay Malls for a HP&B night, the following week we bring it home to NYC with special guest and Seattle's freshest, Mr. Supreme aka Supreme La Rock. The following week we're keeping under wraps, this one is gonna be bananas!! From there we take it back to Seattle to do it all again on Supremes turf.

But but but wait it gets worse! (c)Onyx

I wanted to keep this quiet until the time came around but things get out and who wants to be late informing the world with their own project? In 2010 HPB colabs with tastemaker DJ Junior and his Record Breakin' label to release a limited edition 7" featuring the Hot Peas and Butta band!! Yup thats right, we don't just spin records we make records too. And in true HP&B fashion it will be more than just a funky 7" but more on that later.

January also marks the relaunch of the $2 Soul Show! Alot of people have been asking so I'm delivering. After a show hiatus once again its on!

The $2 Soul Show

For all my european peoples I'll be back on your side of the globe! January 13th Switzerland here I come! I'll post the flyer up later this weekend.

I dont want to get ahead of myself but theres alot going, so I won't hit you with all the info a one shot.