Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hell Yeah Im nice with a pen too!

So last year I was approached by Queen Tash from Australia who is a graff writer, fashion lover, music conniseour and much more to write for a new magazine that she was starting. I instantly said of course I would plus I had freedom to interview whoever I wanted to for it. Well the issue was released last month and I finally got my hands on a copy! This shit is 80's fresh (after all, the 80's is the decade that birth freshness)everything from the graff to the fashion to the stories have that feel to it but its all still relevant to today. I chose to interview one of the illest funk bands of today Brooklyns Budos Band, google 'em if your not up on your shit. The mag has articles on graff queen / fashion designer Claw Money, Tuf Tim Twist and other artists, musicans and fashion shit.


Saratoga Sake said...

dude i found out recently that one of the dudes that i went to high school with is in the budos band or maybe it's the dap kings...hmmm forgot his name though...but anyways he did (read an article) mentioned he played in the budos band as well. eh, who knows

wish i could read the article ... good job man!

Skeme Richards said...

Whats up Sake! Funny because I actually linked up with because Metal went to college with one of the members who was in the funk band in college. Crazy how small the world is. I'll get you the txt from the interview and send it to you.


CrissyB said...

Good goin skeme!! I'm featuring this one on my blog too! Can't wait to see what else you write up for them !!


Skeme Richards said...

The Dapper Dames are always on the case!