Thursday, June 28, 2012

Step Out

This weekend Japan you'll know where to find me, in Kanazawa Toyama rocking with DJ Shark for his release party.  I love these special all nighter parties.

The Man With The Iron Fists Trailer

Finally the trailer for the Quentin Tarantino x RZA "The Man With The Iron Fists" is running!  Looks great, great cast, beautifully filmed, sets look authentic, hopefully all these factors make the film play out like a classic 42nd Street Shaw Bros film.

Rockin Rotterdam

In 2 weeks I'll be heading out to Rotterdam for the Street Science Festival 2012 event, I'll be DJing a party Friday night at The Fat Lady, a guest on the talk show Rockin' Chairs on Saturday and then DJing the main event on Sunday, World Bboy Classic.  A very exciting weekend ahead!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day of The 7"

Added to my Japan tour schedule is an event that I'm looking forward to rocking which is BDM Supa Jam Vol. 2 "The King of Diggin meets The Nostalgia King" featuring DJ Muro and myself for this special day of 7" on 7/7.


After seeing the first imagery and now the poster, I'm really looking forward to the Quentin Tarantino / RZA production of Man With The Iron fist to be released.  Definitely has the raw, gritty and violence factor of a classic Shaw Brothers film and knowing those guys they didn't hold anything back.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magnificent Vinyl Photo Exibition

Dust & Grooves will be having a photo exhibition about vinyl collectors on July 6th in NYC showcasing 35 photos taken by Eilon Paz of collectors from around the world of their collections will be on display. DJ's for the evening will be Hot Peas & Butta's own Supreme La Rock, the man who finds golden gems in the dollar bins, DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk and Mr. Vacation.

Really wish I was around for this but I'll still be in Japan holding down Hot Peas & Butta on this side of the globe.  Be sure to check it out and show love to Eilon Paz.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dynamite Black Anime!

Our good friends over at Black Dynamite are set to debut their animated adventure this July.  Definitely looking forward to catching the series as I know they've gone all out to bring you something amazing and different from anything that you've ever seen.  If you haven't ready the recent interview in Juxtapoz magazine on the creators and art behind the series then you should do so immediately!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sundae Live Mix

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of DJing for the legendary Sundae party here in Philly.  For those that don't know about it's 9 year history it's basically a Sunday afternoon outdoor party that currently takes place at Morgan's Pier overlooking the Delaware River filled with Yachts and Boats and skylined by the Ben Franklin Bridge.  Here's a live mix from that Sundae afternoon where I spun 6 hrs worth of Afro, Latin, House and some Breaks.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Peek Into The Future

Wizard World Comic Con maybe over and Issue #1 of Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown is still fresh off the press but that's not stopping artist Rory Smith for working on Issue #2 of the 5 part series.  This guy never sleeps and it's great to see him putting in so much work on this project, he's definitely a talented individual. 

If you haven't picked up Issue #1 or the Big Pimp Jones Kodja 45 / CD package then do so now!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whiskey, 45's & Go Go Dancers

Had a great weekend of gigs here in the 215 this past weekend starting with Friday night spinning at The Tressle Inn for the "Little Big Things" party with DJ's Case Bloom, Personify and Froz 1.  All 45 Funk, Soul and Disco night with 60's Go Go dancers and 100 or so different Whiskey's at the Bar.  I would actually compare this venue to some place that Quentin Tarantino would use as a location shot for one of his films, it has that kind of grimy yet classical and nostalgic feel where anything can happen.  Shouts to Shots Fired for the pics and to all the people in that place it was great to play music for you ladies and gents!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Ultimate Case

Looking for the ultimate iPhone4 case?  Well here you go, the Hot Peas & Butta "Bullies & Brothels" signature case. Quantities limited, first come first serve basis! 

Place your order here:

New Age Western

Looking forward to the new Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained film dropping this Winter.  When I originally heard about the film I was instantly excited since I always loved the original Django Westerns and knew that Tarantino would work his magic to make it his own.  But after hearing about Jamie Fox being involved I instantly had my doubts, but after seeing this trailer it's obvious Tarantino did a great job directing him and this project.  I'm sure this flick is going to be packed with the signature and unforgettable one liners that always grace his films.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It All Started In The Streets

It started in the streets so it's only right we take it back to the streets! 

The Return of Magma Taishi

Ambassador Magma Taishi returns in full force as Hot Peas & Butta sets it's sights on Tokyo in a few weeks!  This go around I'll be joined by the amazing and talented DJ's Ryuhei The Man (Honey Drippin') and Daisuke Kuroda (Kickin 45 / The Room) both heavy weight 45 slingers of Japan.

Sweet Honey Drippin's

The Skeme Richards "Magma Taishi Returns" Japan Tour 2012 Continues!  Definitely excited to be spinning at Ryuhei The Man's party, Honey Drippin Premium which is always a good time!  Ryuhei has had many amazing guests and I'm honored to be apart of that list of great DJ's.