Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monk One (Wax Poetics)

I really wish I could be at the final Hot Peas and Butta BBQ but duty calls in Korea. Here's a few pics our special guest DJ, Monk One put up on twitter as he was preparing a few records the party.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A long way down

Sometimes we all want to jump off the deep end!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I head the Smurf's are hiding in Finland these days!?

Finland Kingz

While in Helsinki I got the chance to hang out at the Wall of Fame and witness live painting from Ryos (Switzerland) Teknyc (NYC)and Helsinki's legendary Sign TDS!

Finland's Finest

So while out in Helsinki I had the chance to stop by the dance studio / school of one of the most influential crews of all time, Flow Mo Crew. Their studio Saiffa is so fresh and a lot of work when into putting it together, it has a real clean and relaxed look with an Adidas sneaker bar with actual kicks for sale and other goodies. The one thing that caught my attention are the posters that they had framed inside the lounge area, I'm a sucker for dope pieces framed up!

Billboard outside of studio

One of my favorite kicks of all time, I need this!!

C'mon, the greatest to ever do it!

Grand opening poster, the greatest to ever do it in the center!

Day Flights

There's something about rockin' a party in another country and catching the first flight out back home. It's like living your day twice (if your a traveler you know what I mean), if not then it's basically leaving at a certain time and returning home almost that same time that you left. Keeps you young!

The Go Off! Finland

The Go Off! Finland was insane!! The place was packed by midnight and went bonkers until 4am. Shouts to everyone that came through to rock with us, whenever I'm in Helsinki it's always a beautiful experience. DJ Anonymous (Helsinki) and DeeJay Hooch (UK, Funkin Pussy) kept things rockin while I was on mic control. Until next time.


This next couple months is all about getting up world wide!

The Big Black Box

As we continue our series of limited edition Hot Peas and Butta goodies we are proud to present to you The Black Box! This is limited to 20 hand numbered pieces which include the custom designed box, 45, lobby card, t-shirt, HP&B sticker pack and also record breakin' goodies. The 45 itself just about sold out so don't sleep on this one too. Get it now on the Hot Peas and Butta site.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a new day - "Skull Snaps"

Night flights are great, wake up to a new day in another country!

Pic of the week

Matching your fresh Izod with your outfit is a Hip Hop standard, but accessorizing your Elroy Jenkins artwork with your rare kicks is just insanely Hot Peas and Butta! This weeks pic comes in from the coolest of the cool and digger aficionado, the UK's Beat Detective ( Good lookin out on sending us this photo, it's definitely going to make it's way on to the Hot Peas and Butta website.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bring that Soul back to Seoul Korea

Next week I'm off once again to Seoul Korea, one of my favorite place to travel to. Time to eat good and party hard!

The Final Hot Peas and Butta BBQ!

It's really crazy how fast the summer has passed us by, seems like just yesterday that we started the BBQ and now it comes to a close. Last months BBQ was top notch so we've gotta go out with a bang as we have two more special guest DJ's rocking along with DJ Amir and myself. Monk One (Wax Poetics) and DJ Ill-literate (Sesion31) will be on deck while my man Christian is on the grill serving up the goodness. Free BBQ's and Funk 45's what better way to end your summer?

Foot Patrol

I've always liked Pro-Keds, but I've gotta give it up for these joints. Pro-Keds came with the nice wool 69'ers!! I'm on them when they drop for sure!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Live from Sundae @ Silk City

Last nights Sundae party was amazing and I definitely had a great time. Good to see so many happy people dancing and drinking to House, Disco, Dance Classics and a few park jams. If you missed catching the live stream fear not, here is the link for the audio. And any time your in Philly on a Sunday, be sure to check out the day time party (Summer months) and the nite time party (all year long).

Live from Silk City with Skeeme Richards by Sundae

Down By Law!

Down By Law: New York Underground Art Explosion of The 70's & 80's.

Co-curated by the one and only Sara Rosen, Down by Law opened last weekend at Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, New York. The exhibition surveys a key period of street art innovation and includes a healthy dose of New York’s finest (full artist list after the jump). Highlights range from paintings by Coco 144, known as “The Marcel Duchamp of graffiti subculture,” to rarely seen canvases by Dondi White.

Featured artists include Charlie Ahearn, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Blade, Henry Chalfant, Coco 144, Joe Conzo, Martha Cooper, Cope 2, Daze, Jane Dickson, Dr. Revolt, John Fekner, Cousin Frank aka Ghost, Michael Halsband, Keith Haring, Eric Haze, Keo, Eric Kroll, LA2, Lady Pink, Greg LaMarche, Michael Lawrence, Chris Pape aka Freedom, Rammellzee, Carlos “Mare 139″ Rodriguez, Anita Rosenberg, Sharp aka Aaron Goodstone, Jamel Shabazz, T-kid 170, Dondi White, and Zephyr.

Down By Law will run until September 26, 2010.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where it all goes down!

Here's a list of some of the upcoming gigs that I have coming up, more will be added as soon as their confirmed.

8/15 - Sundae @ Silk City (Philly)
8/20 - Circle Prinz (Helsinki, Finland)
8/21 & 22 - UK Champs (Helsinki, Finland)
8/22 - The Go Off! Party (Helsinki, Finland)
8/28 - Circle Prinz (Seoul, Korea)
8/29 - Hot Peas and Butta BBQ w/guest DJ Monk One(Brooklyn,NY)
9/11 - All The Way Live (San Francisco)
9/13 - Absolute Brooklyn @ WR w/ DJ Tony Touch
9/17 - TBA (Tokyo, Japan)
9/19 - Hot Peas and Butta (Tokyo, Japan)
9/20 - Circle Prinze (Tokyo, Japan)
9/24 to 26th - IBE (Netherlands)
10/2 - Style Is King Party (Thun, Switzerland)
10/9 to 11th - UK Champs (London)
10/16 - Break Free (Houston, TX)
10/30 - TBA
11/5 - Hot Peas and Butta (Geneva, Switzerland)
11/6 - Circle Kingz Preparty (Geneva, Switzerland)
11/7 - Circle Kingz (Geneva, Switzerland)
11/19 to 22nd - BOTY (France)
12/4 to 6th - Outbreak (Florida)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Sundae

I have the honor of guest DJing at one of Philly's best parties, Sundae. This is a party that I've been wanting to be apart of for a long time and it's finally happening. They do two parties on Sunday's, the first is an afternoon outdoors House music party. The second is the night time party which I'll be spinning so swing by as I drop House, Dance Classics, Funky Disco and more.

Getting records together

Saturday Burger Mission

Decided to hit up this burger spot called PYT on my way home. PYT has some of the best tasting burgers in Philly and have all these crazy combinations like the Korean BBQ burger which is topped with kimche, the lobster burger and more.

Saturday Excursion Part 2

Before heading back home I decided to stop in Chinatown to see if this store that sold Bruce Lee posters was still in business, that last time I had been there was probably in 1995 when my homie Fredy Blast and myself discovered it while going to purchase Kung Fu flix on VHS from a store around the corner. And what do you know, the store is still in business! It's a whole in the wall place that you can easily miss but they actually have (or had since I pretty much raided the stash) original Bruce Lee posters from the 70's and 80's. When the guy found out that I was looking to spend some $$$ he showed me the old store stock and I was in heaven. They have a few re prints of posters that are great copies as well so if your ever around that way grab'em.

In addition to posters they also had a few throwing stars, nunchakus, butterfly knives and these really fly bruce figurines in different stances.

Saturday Excursion Part 1

It's been a minute since I've woke up early on a Saturday to hit the streets on some discovery mission. So today I woke up bright and early to hit this indoor flea market and actually found a few gems. First was a martial arts / self defense store that had all kinds equipment but what got me was the fact they had a few things from my youth, throwing stars, nunchakus, swords, Bruce Lee sand filled wall striking pads and more. So of course the kid in me spent some of my allowance on a few things, not much just adding to what I kept since my childhood and a few things that I never got.

After that I re-discovered a toy store that I hadn't been to in about 15 yrs because they moved and I never knew the location. This place had everything from action figures, models, playsets, Godzilla and other Japanese pieces and more. So of course I bought a few more things from there as well.

The Store Walls

*There was even a vender that had crazy 45's which I'll post in a separate entry in in my blog.

There was a guy who had a video store with a nice selection of Kung Fu, Blaxploitation and other flix but my response to everything that he tried to sell me was, "Got it", "been had it", "not that good". Don't try to sell me stuff, I'm not your everyday joker.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Helsinki Finland!

I'm off to one of my favorite places to travel next week, Helsinki Finland! I always love going out there, everything seems to be so perfect whenever I visit. This time around Teknyc and myself are taking out NYC party, The Go Off! to Helsinki and show my Finnish peoples how we get it in. One of my favorite DJ's in the world, DJ Anonymous we'll be rocking the night away with me for the occassion.

Also while out there I'll be DJing at Circle Prinz and UK Championships Scandinavian Editions which lead to the finals for Circle Kings in Switzerland in November and UK Champs in London in October.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Live at Night Train

Here's a recorded mix of my guest spot from last Thursday's Night Train party @ Kung Fu Necktie. Night Train is one of the best parties in Philly and is strictly a Rock, Funk & Soul party. The Crowd is always on point and ready to dance plus the sound system is amazing!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Philly All Day.

Currently up for auction: Wilt Chamberlain's 1965-66 Philadelphia 76ers game-used home jersey. Exhibiting a style used for only one season, the red and white jersey is emblazoned with the all-time single game point-scoring king's number "13″ and the word "Phila." it had a minimum bid of $10,000 but is already trending close to $20,000 in online bidding.